Steel Industry Praises Trump As They See Real Change On The Horizon


Trump’s Steel-Heavy Campaign Platform

American Steel | Photo Credit NY Times

It’s no secret that Donald Trump’s attention to trade and manufacturing helped him clinch the White House. The steel workers across the United States are grateful to have a president fighting for them, despite Obama’s possible jobs bubble.

Mr. St. Amand began at an entry-level job in Nucor. “Trump is good for business,” he tells the New York Times. In this particular county, Trump won 56 percent of the votes against Hillary Clinton’s 39 percent.

“Trump is No. 1 for this industry said another worker, Jeffrey Goude. “He’s trying to make America great again.”

Hard Work, But Good Money

American Steel | Photo Credit NY Times

Nucor has 200 facilities and did a whopping $16 billion last year. The company uses their advanced technology to transform scrap metal into water heater lining, metal sheets, and even skyscraper-worthy support beams.

The workers there know that the job is hard work. “It’s hot; it’ dirty. It’s hard work,” said Leigh Kemp, who left an office job for the plant. “But you make good money,” said Kemp, grateful for the work.

This particular plant employs 940 workers.

An American, No Lay-Off Tradition

American Steel | Photo Credit NY Times

The New York Times writes:

“There is no union at Nucor, not in this anti-union state or any other where the Charlotte-based manufacturer has a plant. But good benefits and pay-for-performance bonuses that have raised the average salary to $80,000 in a good year inspires loyalty. (Nucor did not release specific information about the wage scale.)”

“In lean times, pay can fall by a third, but the job remains. A no-layoff tradition, even during the Great Recession, means Nucor can keep trained workers who are ready to stoke up when demand picks up. That approach has enabled company workers in Berkeley and elsewhere to hold onto a prize that has slipped away from millions of blue-collar employees throughout America: a middle-class lifestyle that is both stable and secure.”