BREAKING SCANDAL: Secret Service Agent Suspended…


Caught With A Prostitute

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The United States Secret Service just can’t seem to escape the nightmare that has been unfolding for them since President Trump took office. With agents like Kerry O’Grady refusing to protect the president, agents taking “selfies” with Trump’s sleeping grandson, and several intruders infiltrating White House grounds, they certainly don’t need any more problems. Yet here we are again.

Unfortunately, CNN reported on the story:

CNN has learned from multiple law enforcement sources that a Secret Service agent on Vice President Mike Pence’s detail has been suspended from official duties after meeting a prostitute at a Maryland hotel. One law enforcement source says the agent was caught when police saw him exiting the prostitute’s room.

The police responded to a call from the hotel manager who became suspicious of activity in one of the rooms. The source said this was not a sting. The agent was arrested and was charged with solicitation. He then self-reported his arrest to the Secret Service.

The Secret Service has confirmed the arrest and an investigation is underway by the Office of Professional Responsibility. The agent, who has not yet been named, was not on duty at the time of his arrest. This is also not the first time there has been a problem with…

Agents and Working Girls

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In 2012, there were nine investigations into agents who reportedly had engaged with prostitutes while serving on Obama’s detail in Colombia. According to the report, agents refused to pay the “agreed upon price for services” and the Colombian police got involved. The problem was then escalated to the U.S. Embassy and six agents were suspended.

The agent involved in this incident has lost his security clearance and access to official facilities-pending the outcome of the investigation. A Secret Service spokesman has said that the agency “is exploring a full-range of disciplinary actions”. With these kinds of ongoing problems, perhaps they should investigate the leadership at the agency.





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