EXPOSED: Inside Source Reveals EXACT Number Of Illegals Being Released In Arizona Every Hour…


Criminal, Illegal, and Free

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Residents of Maricopa County are likely missing Joe Arpaio right about now. “Sheriff Joe” was known for his tough and often controversial stance on illegal immigration. To be sure he was no fan of Obama either. He spent years dedicated to proving Obama’s birth certificate was fake. The latter could possibly have cost him his job.

The latter could possibly have cost him his job.

His replacement is Sheriff Paul Penzone- and thanks to him the citizens of Phoenix are a lot less safe today. Sources inside the police department have revealed to Judicial Watch, that Penzone is releasing as many as 40 illegal immigrants a day.

That is 1200 illegals a month, many of whom have committed violent crimes, being allowed to return to the cities’ streets. Prior to Penzone taking office, local ICE officials would be notified of illegals that were detained and they would send a van to pick them up every 12 hours.

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Now, ICE no longer receives any notifications at all despite federal laws that mandate otherwise. The new sheriff made a formal announcement recently, that illegal immigrants are “guests” and that he would no longer employ “courtesy holds” in defiance of Trump’s immigration orders.

After Penzone announced his new policy, ICE officials immediately denounced the decision as being a…

Dangerous Change

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Maricopa County was once known as the most hostile locality for illegal immigrants. They had many anti-immigration state laws and a sheriff that was not afraid to enforce them. As a result, the county detained the largest number of illegal immigrants anywhere in the country.

Things have definitely changed under Penzone’s rule. As they have in many cities around the country. But exactly who pays the price for these “soft” immigration policies? The answer is always the same. It is American citizens who suffer the losses.

In October, Ever Valles, an illegal with a long criminal history, was released from jail despite an existing ICE detainer. The 19-year old Mexican national went on to fatally shoot a man during a robbery attempt at a rail station in Denver, CO. Valles was listed as a “priority for detainment” by immigration officials.


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