SOCOM: U.S. Commandos Prepared To Strike North Korea Nuclear Sites


Neutralizing the Threat

North Korean Missile | Photo Credit Reuters

While President Trump is working tirelessly to find a diplomatic solution to North Korea, he also isn’t taking any chances. Having previously cautioned that a “major conflict is possible,” the president’s head of Special Operations Command (SOCOM) has told Congress the military is ready to strike.

From the Washington Free Beacon:

U.S. special operations forces are set to conduct operations against North Korean nuclear, missile, and other weapons of mass destruction sites in any future conflict, the commander of Special Operations Command told Congress Tuesday. Army Gen. Raymond A. Thomas stated in testimony to a House subcommittee that Army, Navy, and Air Force commandos are based both permanently and in rotations on the Korean peninsula in case conflict breaks out.

In his sworn testimony, Gen. Thomas stated that special operations training and preparations are “a priority,” and in the event of aggressive action by North Korea, they are ready to deal with anything. “We are actively pursuing a training path to ensure readiness for the entire range of contingency operations in which [special operations forces], to include our exquisite [countering weapons of mass destruction] capabilities, may play a critical role,” said Thomas.

Despite pressure from both the U.S. and China, Kim Jong-Un has remained…

Dangerously Defiant

Kim Jong Un | Photo Credit CNN

President Trump stated again on Sunday, that China continues to pressure North Korea to back down. However, U.S. officials have noted that preparations for additional missile tests were ongoing in the region this past week. The president also expressed his frustration indicating he would not be pleased if another test was carried out.

“If he does a nuclear test, I will not be happy,” he said on CBS Face the Nation. Asked if his unhappiness would translate into military action, Trump said: “I don’t know. I mean, we’ll see.” North Korea is believed to have around 20 nuclear devices and is developing nuclear warheads small enough to be carried on long-range missiles. It also has stockpiles of chemical weapons and biological warfare agents.

According to defense officials, prior training has been conducted for covert operations against several types of nuclear facilities, including reactors and research centers. This training also included scale models of North Korean weapons facilities. Any actions taken by Special Operations, would likely be carried out by special units such as Navy Seal Team Six or Army Delta Force.





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