Prepare For THESE Huge Social Security Changes Coming in 2018

social security
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Millions of Americans rely on some form of Social Security benefits, for their financial survival. Retirees, widows and widowers, disabled adults and children, all count on the system to be there when they need it. That makes changes to social security regulations and payment amounts, even more important.

Approximately 50% of people age 65 or older, depend on social security for half of their retirement income. 25% rely on the benefits for all their income. Highlighting the importance of the program, in poor households headed by someone on retirement income, social security is virtually the only source of financial support.

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So, to keep you up-to-date, we are covering all the adjustments for 2018. Most of the changes are good news for retirees, and those nearing retirement age. Several adjustments will directly impact the monthly amounts recipients will receive. Others, will help to ensure the stability of the program in the long-term.

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