On Twitter, President-elect Donald Trump ripped Saturday Night Live, calling the sketch comedy show “biased” and “one-sided.”

He has a point according to one cast member.

Michael Che, a cast member who hosts the show’s “Weekend Update” segment, told Esquire that the show has seemed to shift leftward, despite past attempts trying to remain balanced on both sides.

“Oddly, I agree with him,” Che said. “We try to write that way. But I do agree with him. I think the show should show all views and we make a conscious effort to do so.”

“That was a great sketch poking fun at ultra-liberals,” Che said, pointing to a recent sketch involving liberals in denial over Trump’s election wanting to move into a “bubble” protecting their ideas.

During the election, SNL showed a number of skits hitting the left. In one, we see white New York liberals melt down during election night as it becomes clear Trump is going to win. In another, the host of “Black Jeopardy” is surprised that a white Trump supporter has a lot in common with the other black contestants.

With elections like this, Che said both Republicans and Democrats have backed into their own corners, and no longer have any desire to find the middle ground.

“It’s very tribal in America, especially now,” the 33-year-old comedian said. “So if you’re a liberal, you’re liberal about everything. You have your mind made up before you’ve even heard the details, you know? When you read the headline, you already know the story.”

“If you’re conservative, it’s the same thing,” Che continued. “That’s why this election was so polarizing. Nobody was saying, “Both of them have things I like, but I’m considering one over the other.” It’s always, “I hate this guy.” Or, “I hate this lady.”

It was split. So with big, heavy issues, they have their minds made up and they’re angry about it, because they think if you give up one thing you’re giving up everything.”

Alec Baldwin Doesn’t Agree With Che!

Source Credit: CNN MoneySource Credit: CNN Money

Baldwin, who portrayed Trump this season in SNL, fired back at the President-elect’s criticism of the post-election show, saying there is no more “equal time.” Actually, Alec Baldwin said that both the SNL staff and he would’ve liked to endorse candidates, but they were stymied by executives at NBC.

“But comedy should take both sides,” Che said. “No matter who is in power, we should be making fun of them.”

Che has a simple philosophy about politicians and how he thinks SNL should handle them. Apparently, the powers-that-be, disagree. 

Do you think SNL fairly mocks both sides of the political spectrum? Have you seen Alec Baldwin’s impersonation of the President-elect? If so, does he do a good job?

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