Smile Alert! 11-Year Old Trump Supporter Gives Us Hope For The Future


Wise Beyond Her Years

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That’s the best way to describe 11-year-old Millie Arch from Northern Virginia. Millie recently went to CPAC with her family and was stopped afterward by Jennifer Lawrence from the America First Project.

Showing off her Donald Trump backpack, Millie was full of enthusiasm as she answered a few questions from Lawrence. First, Lawrence asked the young girl why she supports President Trump. Her response was whimsically delightful.

“One day I was home watching the t.v., this was before the election sort of began, and there was this guy who talked about the issues we are facing…Then something extraordinary happened. He said how to fix them.”

According to Millie, “politicians always talk about problems” but they don’t offer up solutions on how to fix them, and that made Donald Trump a hero in her eyes. Her youthful excitement only grew from there.

Millie went on to explain that her favorite reason for liking the president was that “he would build a wall on our southern border and make Mexico pay for it.” She said she loved immigrants but legal immigrants.

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She also talks to her teacher, who is a Republican, about Donald Trump. Millie says that some kids in her school give her a “hard time” and call her names like…

The “Trump-Girl.”

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Young Millie says she doesn’t “let it get to her” when her classmates tease her about supporting Trump. When asked if her parents got her into politics, she said no and revealed that her mom was a Ted Cruz supporter in the primaries.

When she grows up, Millie would like to attend Penn State and then work in law enforcement as a detective. She said that maybe one day she would “run for president.” It doesn’t look like there will be any “safe spaces” in Millie’s future.


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