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Each and every day, there’s a new controversy swirled up by the media, lambasting Donald Trump. Every sentence is taken out of context as a sound bite for a liberal agenda.

Donald trump uses strong words. When he calls an ineffectual politician ‘disgraceful’ he means it. And by right we should be calling disgraceful politicians agendas for what they are. If someone is doing a terrible job, they should be called out on it. The open campaign against him is done through a very well lubricated machine; lubed by the dirty hands of self-interested corporate stakes that have deep hands in the Democratic Party. 

A lot has been said in this campaign.

His headline grabbing statements, meant as political ammunition against him, are garbled up and spat back by a media establishment that is objectively biased. When asked why a judge of Mexican heritage is a conflict of interest to a case against him, the media brands him as racist. Beyond the inflammatory headlines, an unbiased judge would have to dismiss a case when a plaintiff’s lack of evidence and credibility are revealed under deposition. The plaintiff even asked to be dismissed from the case, which she was.

Instead, Judge Gonzalo Curial has continued a singlehanded campaign against Trump that looks more like a crusade. Perhaps this is in part due to things Donald Trump has said about building the wall, things which Judge Curial has taken personally. Trump has simply stated that Curial has treated him unfairly, and this is a true fact. A judge’s duty is to define a case by the facts.

And the facts show that the case had to be dismissed due to a lack of evidence. Not that you’ll hear this on any liberal media outlet.

Splashed across every newspaper headline Trump is branded as an incompetent and hot-headed bigot. Interview after interview he is asked, “but what does the judge’s Mexican heritage have to do with anything?” It doesn’t, he never stated it did, he simply said that his own remarks may have created a bias against him that is unethical, a conflict of interest.

Instead of having the desired effect, the liberal media efforts to lampoon the Republican candidate fall on deaf ears.

The liberal establishment that seeks to use sound bites to attack Donald Trump at every level, simply can’t keep up, because when not taken out of context what Donald Trump says, is not racist. And for as much as the press would like to paint Trump as a meandering insult machine, a lot of negative statements are in turn also made about him. In the end, Trump’s notion is in fact on the defense.

“He came at me, so I came at him hard” he stated about former party rivals to the Republican candidacy. 

His hyperbolic statements have been blown-up for effect to the point where myth has become part of their fiction. A lot of people blindly subscribe to a dose of daily liberal news. The avalanche of rhetoric has blanketed the compass on what Trump is actually saying. Trump’s focus is on the corruption. It has permeated the fabric of American Politics and it needs to stop. That this permeation is represented and perpetuated by the Democratic Party, Hillary Clinton and the media establishment. Recently, at every press conference and rally, Trump has begun to direct his attention to the media itself. He is keeping a cool head despite being branded at every turn. He is asking them why they are so unwilling to report truths about crooked Hillary and her exploits.

In reality, Trump, along with a strong foundation of supporters have opened their eyes to a liberal humanist agenda against liberty. 

They know that Hillary’s continuous abuse of power as secretary of state is unconsciounable; her scandalous email exploits, ‘shameful’ and ‘disgraceful’ private banking pay-offs and ‘disastrous’ foreign policy undermines America’s very security and well-being. To have a Secretary of State abusing the post once held by Thomas Jefferson on America’s first diplomatic mission is in fact just disgraceful.

In the end, what the press and its machine seem to have against him are the very comments and statement that seem brash, unapologetic and unwilling to yield. What the media liberal establishment doesn’t understand is that these are the elements that resonate with the people. These are the same people who are sick of this shameful, corrupt and dangerous abuse of power.

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