Shocking Discovery Just Made About Illegals Crossing U.S. Southern Border


Dramatic Drop

Gen. John F. Kelly
Source Credit: DoD

Homeland Security Secretary, John Kelly, said on Wednesday that “enforcing the law makes a difference.” Based on his latest report on illegal immigration, we are inclined to agree. Kelly happily announced that illegal crossings at the Southern U.S.–Mexico border have dropped dramatically.

Per U.S. Immigration and Customs officials, there was a roughly 40 percent drop in the number of illegals trying to enter the United States. The number dropped form 31, 578 in January to just 18, 762 in February.

What makes those numbers even more significant is that historically, there is usually a 10-20% increase during that time of the year. ICE officials have been quick to credit President Trump for the decline. Many have said that it is his “beefed-up” immigration enforcement that has made the largest impact.

Trump has taken more steps to enforce America’s federal immigration laws than any president in recent history. Aside from building a better Southern border wall, he has taken measures to defund sanctuary cities, and speed up deportation proceedings.

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He recently dispatched 12 additional immigration judges to help the process along. In addition, Secretary Kelly recently added 10,000 ICE agents to ramp-up efforts to catch and deport dangerous illegals. It’s all very different from that of the…

It’s all very different from that of the…

Obama Administration

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A former ICE agent recently made a shocking revelation about Obama’s lax views on illegal immigration. A dangerous stance that shielded many illegals from prosecution and deportation. However, President Trump has taken a tough position that is very contrary to that of his predecessor.

His immigration orders have already reduced the burdens on American taxpayers. His policies will no doubt save countless American lives as well. He has demonstrated that living in this country is a wonderful opportunity and privilege–it is not a right.

President Trump welcomes legal immigrants and their contributions. But, his message is equally clear when it comes to those who break our laws and harm our citizens. They can now consider themselves “persona-non-grata” in the United States.

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