RIDICULOUS: Senior Vietnam Vet Is NOW Facing Federal Charges For Putting An American Flag At…


Prosecuting Patriotism

Photo Credit: judicialwatch.org

U.S. Army veteran, Bob Rosebrock, is 74-years old. He fought for his country in Vietnam and now he is facing six months of jail time. His crime? Placing two small American flags on the fence of an LA Veteran’s facility to commemorate Memorial Day.

For Rosebrock it was also the best way to protest. The 6” flags were hardly noticeable on the large fence surrounding the sprawling 388-acre veteran’s complex. A complex Rosebrock alleges is not being used for its intended purpose.

The original deed, dating back to 1888, stipulated that the property was to be used to serve and house disabled veterans. In an interview with Fox and Friends, Rosebrock explained why he is so upset saying that they aren’t helping veterans as they should be.

“We want that land used as it was deeded as a national home for disabled soldiers, and they want to use it for a UCLA baseball diamond. A private school has an athletic complex.”

Photo Credit: judicialwatch.org

Judicial Watch has taken up Rosebrock’s case and their investigation into how Veterans Affairs is using the land revealed some disturbing facts. While there is a veteran’s home on the property, most of the land is being used to benefit…

Private Industry

Photo Credit: reveal.com

In addition to the UCLA baseball diamond and a private prep school athletic complex, there are several other unrelated uses of the land. According to JW, these include laundry facilities for a nearby Marriot and television production sets for 20th Century Fox.

Rosebrock, with some his fellow veterans, have visited the site every Sunday and Memorial Day since 2008, to protest the VA’s wasteful use of the land. They want to see the land used to care for veterans in their community, especially homeless veterans. In January, the LA Times reported that there are at least 1,200 veterans sleeping on the streets–that they know of.

Judicial Watch has reached out to President Trump’s new AG, Jeff Sessions, for help saying that “no good could come from prosecuting the 74-year old veteran.” His trial was scheduled for March 7th but has since been delayed.

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