BREAKING: Secret Service Agents Involved In UNETHICAL Incident With Trump’s 8-Year-Old Grandson…


8-Year Old Grandson

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Donald Trump III, the son of Donald Trump Jr. was sleeping in the backseat of his Secret Service transport car on his way to Manhattan when something strange happened. He woke up to the sight of his protective agents snapping selfies with him while he slept. “Freaked-out” about the incident, the young boy told his mother, Vanessa, what had happened.

This latest incident comes at a very bad time for the Secret Service, an agency already plagued with competency and ethics problems. Back in January, we published a story about the Denver agent who refused to take a bullet for President Trump. More recently, an intruder penetrated the White House perimeter and came dangerously close to a North portico entrance.

According to Mother Jones, Donald Jr. took his complaints to top management officials at the agency immediately after his wife shared her concerns about the incident. The two agents involved have been called to D.C. for questioning about their activities.

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Hoping to curb any wild speculation about the agent’s actions, management cautioned people not to “jump to conclusions.” They also made a point of noting that this is not a criminal investigation. But, despite their warning, there are still many…

Unanswered Questions

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Secret Service officials issued the following statement regarding their investigation:

“The US Secret Service is aware of a matter involving two of our agents and one of our protectees. Our Office of Professional Responsibility will always thoroughly review a matter to determine the facts and to ensure proper, long-standing protocols and procedures are followed.”

Sources have indicated that President Trump has a good relationship with his protective detail, and they consider this an “isolated incident.”  However, isolated or not, grown adults taking selfies with a sleeping child is cause for concern. Especially when that child is the grandson of the U.S. president–and the adults are supposed to be protecting him.

Hopefully, the investigation will show that this is nothing more than a case of bad judgment and not something more sinister. 

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