Executive Orders Place The “Mad Dog” In Pentagon

SecDef Mattis | Photo Credit CNN

Thanks to a push from John McCain and a new executive orders from President Donald Trump, retired Marine General James “Mad Dog” Mattis is the new Secretary of Defense. On his first day, he celebrated with 31 strikes on ISIS.

SecDef Mattis’ first official day of work was the Saturday after the inauguration. While he wasn’t specifically involved with the planning period—since those takes weeks or months—he did get to watch over the historic event.

Saturday included 25 strikes in Syria and another six in Iraq.

Various ISIS Take-Downs On Day One

American Soldier | Photo Credit Business Insider

Of the 31 strikes on ISIS, the effort included fighters, bombers, and even remotely controlled aircraft to take out the terrorists. ISIS units were destroyed near Bab, in Raqqa, and also within various hidden underground units.

Other ISIS forces in Iraq also suffered. A strike in Rutbah took out a tactical unit and vehicle and a mortar. Another attack in Beiji took out a unit and another vehicle. 

Donald Trump is wasting no time with his promises.

Removing ISIS In Just 30 Days

SecDef Mattis | Photo Credit Gateway Pundit

During the campaign, President Donald Trump promised he would take out ISIS as quickly as possible and the day after the inauguration is about as quick as it gets. This is likely only the first move for the newly elected president.

With the Secretary of Defense’s help, President Trump will convene with other top generals to plan attacks in order to eradicate ISIS. Hopefully, Trump plans to fulfill these orders within his first thirty days as president.

Mattis, the new head of the Pentagon, is expected to help Trump’s plan to make sure everything goes forward without fail. The former marine did not care for Obama’s approach to ISIS, which he referred to as “half measures.”

Do you think Mattis enjoyed his first day of action under President Trump?

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