If You Haven’t Seen Democrats’ Latest Fundraising Letter, You Need To Stop What You’re Doing

Schumer Trump
Senate Majority PAC fundraising letter. | Photo credit Daily Caller

A newly released fundraising letter from Senator Chuck Schumer has left many shocked.

According to the Daily Caller, a Senate Majority PAC mailer is purposely tying Trump to Russia and Neo-Nazis to garner opposition to tax cuts. 

The mailer included a letter from Senate Minority leader, Chuck Schumer. “This Must Stop,” the letter says at the top. Following the header are the words, “Corporate Tax Cuts. Discrimination. Kremlin. Medicaid Cuts. Bribes. Repealing Health Care. Neo-Nazis.”

Schumer falsely claims that President Trump is choosing foreign interests over the welfare of the American people. “…anyone who puts America in danger in order to serve another nation’s interests, especially one that has been one of our greatest political adversaries over the last century, should face a whole lot more than ‘great pressure,’” he wrote.

Tall Tales

Schumer Trump
Border Wall | Photo credit Getty Images

Let’s talk about putting foreign interests above the needs of Americans, shall we? Which party is refusing to secure America’s borders in order to please other countries? Millions of voters agree that allowing illegal immigrants unfettered access to the U.S. is a threat. Both economically and in terms of national security.

Who is actually serving the interests of those voters? Certainly not Schumer, whose support for the Diversity Visa Lottery Program lets terrorists into the country. As the letter continued, he also posited that Trump and his Republican “yes men” don’t represent American values. In that statement, lies yet another fallacy. 

Does kneeling for the national anthem, not just in the NFL but in Congress, represent this country’s values? How about attacking prayer? Condoning proven sexual assault? Perhaps Schumer should stick to something he knows, whatever that is.