Trump Demonstrators march with homemade signs in front of Trump Tower during a protest on Nov. 12, 2016. | Photo credit NBC News

A “follower” is defined as being a person who blindly follows another who aligns with his or her ideas or beliefs. These types of people don’t need proof that their beliefs are correct, they just need someone to tell them they are right. In November of 2016, thousands of blind followers marched against President Trump in New York City.

And as it turns out, they were colluding with Russians.

According to The Hill, thousands of leftists who attended a November 12 protest against newly elected President Trump, did so because Russia told them to. Only, they didn’t know it. They thought they were supporting a group called BlackMattersUS, “Join us in the streets! Stop Trump and his bigoted agenda!” read the Facebook event page for the rally.

However, BlackMattersUS is a Russian-linked group that sought to capitalize on the left’s misguided hatred of Trump. Their agenda is to exploit the racial and political divisions that reached new heights during the Obama presidency. And, as is often the case with progressives, they fell for the ruse hook, line, and sinker.

The Facebook event reached more than 61,000 social media users. As many as 5,000 to 10,000 protesters gathered for the event at Manhattan’s Union Square. The protesters subsequently marched to Trump Tower, to voice their displeasure. A displeasure fueled by the example of top Democrats like Obama and Hillary Clinton.

Naturally, both The Hill and Facebook executives are using this information to their advantage. They hope it’ll strengthen their narrative that Russia purposely interfered in the election. To further their credibility, Facebook recently announced that it would introduce new features, including making users who run election ads verify their identities

“The foreign interference we saw is reprehensible and outrageous and opened a new battleground for our company, our industry, and our society,” says General Counsel Colin Stretch in testimony to the Senate Intelligence Committee. “That foreign actors, hiding behind fake accounts, abused our platform and other internet services to try to sow division and discord is an assault on democracy, and it violates all of our values.”  

 But, as you all know, Russia is not the problem here.

A Deadly Diet

TrumpPhoto credit | KCLR

The real problem lies in having a political party that is fraught with socialist ideals. Progressive liberals are strong on innuendo and theories, but weak on facts. Their craving for a government controlled society far exceeds their appetite for true democracy and freedom. It’s a diet full of sweets yet lacking in the sustenance needed for healthy growth.

A recipe for disaster that didn’t come from Russia.

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