“The Establishment”

Photo credit: Fox News Conservative talk radio host, Rush Limbaugh, is sick and tired of the liberal vitriol and he came out swinging. And let’s just say, that he hit out of the park. Limbaugh suggested on his Facebook page, that President Trump was “guilty of committing a crime”-just one. A crime that he said will cause him to be at war during his entire presidency.

His crime?

Daring to take on the Washington establishment. “At this very moment, nobody can detail for any of us a single crime Trump has committed, other than winning an election that he was supposed to lose in a landslide, unseating the popular Hillary Clinton, whose turn it was, and who openly, in his inaugural address, threatened the Washington establishment and told them their days were over,” Limbaugh said.

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Limbaugh went on to heckle the sensational headlines and incessant whining by the media over the infamous “Comey memo,” and Trump’s alleged leaks of classified information to Russia. Accusations, may we add, that have come only from anonymous sources. “They’re trying to say that Trump was trying to shut down the investigation. How did that work? I think every investigation under the sun is still going on, isn’t it,” he added.

And of course, all of this has happened…

Without Any Evidence

President Trump, James Comey | Photo Credit Getty

Just as we noted in a previous story, Limbaugh also questioned the curious “gap” between the time the New York Times released their “story” about the memo and the date when this dinner conversation took place, which was back on February 14th.

“If Trump was trying to subvert an investigation and shut it down, shouldn’t the FBI director have said something that very next day?”

Obviously, the mainstream media is unaware that conservatives are not simply blind followers. They actually pay attention to things like facts and evidence. Say, for instance, Comey’s sworn testimony to Congress, where he confirmed that President Trump has never interfered in an FBI investigation.


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