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Photo Credit: businessinsider.com Conservative radio host, Rush Limbaugh, had some very interesting thoughts to share with his listeners last week. Limbaugh focused his entire show around Fox News’ decision to part ways with Bill O’Reilly. 21st Century Fox made the decision to end the company’s 20-year relationship with O’Reilly amid allegations of sexual harassment.

Limbaugh isn’t buying it.

The first thing Limbaugh did was discuss what he views as the “double standard” of advertisers when it comes to claims of sexual harassment. He made a point of noting that advertisers never seem to target left-wing media figures for their less than moral behavior.

“Let me ask you a question. Have you ever wondered why not a single left-wing media figure is ever the target of advertiser boycotts?”

He also reminded his listeners that the same people outraged at Bill O’Reilly, were virtually silent when Bill Clinton was accused (and found guilty no less) of sexual misconduct. Then, Limbaugh called out Hillary Clinton and her donors.

“Because, you know, liberals, sponsors of O’Reilly have you noticed how many of them sponsor the Clinton Foundation? Many of them… I mean, you talk about sexual abuse? Bill Clinton’s wife ran the bimbo eruptions units when he was in the White House.”

Much like O’Reilly has claimed, Limbaugh also feels this was a…

Deliberate Attack

Bill O’Reilly | Photo Credit Fox News

Limbaugh asserted that the New York Times and liberal cable networks like CNN are on a mission to destroy Fox News. The best way to do that is to target popular hosts like O’Reilly and destroy their credibility. “That can’t level the playing field, so they close it,” said Limbaugh. He went on to highlight the liberal tactics that have become commonplace since President Trump took office:

“No tolerance. No fairness. Their objective is to destroy the opposition because they can’t beat the opposition in the arena of competition where both entities are battling — and that would be, in this case, cable news.”

One thing Limbaugh was definitely right about, was how rampant liberal hate has become. We have seen it almost every day since President Trump won the election. The left doesn’t play fair because they can’t win that way. Only time will tell if Bill O’Reilly was another victim of their malicious schemes.

 Listen to his show and comment your thoughts:



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