North Korea Missile Test Ends In…


North Korea Tries To Launch Missile

North Korean Parade | Photo Credit Fox News

The day after the anniversary of North Korean founder Kim Il Sung, the North Koreans tried to launch a rocket, but ended up launching a dud. Experts were expecting a missile launch around this time to celebrate this anniversary.

They expected the missile to be launched towards Japan or at U.S. troops in South Korea, but it’s possible they were waiting to launch this missile towards Vice President Pence as he tours the region. He was in the air when that launch was attempted, but landed safely a few hours later in South Korea.

Parade Highlights Kim’s Military

Fox News reports:

“That setback coming just one day after the regime of Kim Jong Un held that annual, massive military parade that honors [Kim’s] grandfather. They showed off their troops, their tanks, rocket launchers, and apparently intercontinental ballistic missiles. Some experts say these are new, long-range, submarine-based missiles.”

“The government tried to launch a rocket early-morning, North Korean time, on Sunday. It got up a couple of seconds, then exploded, according to U.S. and South Korean officials.”

Observers Report On Failed Launch

2016 Missile | Photo Credit New Daily

The New Daily reports:

“With relations close to boiling point following North Korea’s condemnation of Mr Trump’s bombing of a Syrian airfield, the attempted show of strength is an embarrassment to Kim Jong-un, who had just celebrated the 105th birthday of late founding leader and “eternal president” Kim Il Sung with a large military parade in the capital Pyongyang.”

“Mr Pence, who will also visit Japan, Indonesia and Australia while in the region, said North Korea’s “provocation” was another reminder of the risks that US and South Korean service members face every day “in the defense of the freedom of the people of South Korea and the defense of America in this part of the world.”

“Observers of the escalating crisis on the Korean Peninsula had anticipated another test, seeing it as a gesture of defiance by Kim Jong-un as a US naval battle group led by the mega-carrier USS Carl Vinson prepares to take up station off the coast.”

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