Media Spreads Allegations Against Roy Moore, Hides THIS Ugly Fact About His Opponent

Alabama Senate Candidate Roy Moore. | Photo credit Breitbart

According to some Democrats, U.S. Senate candidate Roy Moore is a pedophile and his opponent is an upstanding citizen. But, as usual, these leftists aren’t telling the whole story about Doug Jones. Jones is a far-left radical who used to be a criminal defense attorney.

Liberal media is taking every opportunity to spread recent allegations against Roy Moore. Several women have come forward to accuse the former judge of sexual assault dating back 40 years. The accusations, while being incredibly serious, have not been substantiated with any tangible evidence.

Jones is not the squeaky-clean guy that liberals want voters to believe he is either. Left-leaning sites like Huffington Post and Mother Jones are pushing him as a civil rights champion, but Jones wasn’t always sympathetic to the “cause.” In fact, he defended a Holocaust denier with ties to the KKK.

Tom Posey was a right-wing extremist who founded the Civilian Military Assistance. CMA funded, armed, and trained rebels fighting in Nicaragua in the 1980’s. Posey’s group made headlines in 1986 for holding illegals at gunpoint at the Mexican border. His ties to the KKK were also well-documented during that time.

Then, in 1988, came indictments for illegal gun-running. Despite the allegations, Posey walked away free thanks to Jones. When Fox News asked the campaign for a comment on the story, they issued a statement dismissing the Posey case and touting Jones’ record as a prosecutor:

“Doug’s commitment to civil and human rights has been unwavering, as demonstrated by his well-documented career. This case only involved Posey’s activities with the Contras and these charges were dismissed by a federal judge in Florida. Doug also represented Mr. Posey when he cooperated with congressional investigators.” 

Due Process

U.S. Senate candidate Doug Jones. | Photo credit Twitter

Now, people could argue that Jones was just doing his job when he represented Posey, and they would be right. Like House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi said about John Conyers, “everyone deserves due process.” Of course, she forgot to add, “as long as they are Democrats.”

Apparently, it’s alright if you grope women or defend KKK supporters as long you support the Democratic party as well.