What Happened When Rosie Offered Bribes to GOP Senators Is Pure Gold

Rosie O'Donnell
Comedian Rosie O’Donnell is facing backlash after offering bribes to GOP senators. | Photo credit TMZ

Trump-hating comedian Rosie O’Donnell might be in serious legal trouble. She openly tried to bribe two GOP Senators to vote against tax reforms. O’Donnell’s criminal behavior didn’t go unnoticed. What happened to her next was an early Christmas present for Trump supporters.

Tuesday evening, Rosie O’Donnell took to social media and basically committed a felony for everyone to see. On Twitter, Rosie offered $2 million each to Arizona Senator Jeff Flake and Maine Senator Susan Collins to vote against Trump’s tax reforms.

Responding to the tweets, conservative writer Jeff Jacoby pointing out to Rosie the seriousness of the situation. Jacoby shared a copy of the federal statute dealing with bribing government officials to sway a vote. Penalties for the crime can include up to $12 million in fines and 15 years in prison.

A short time later, Daily Wire founder and staunch conservative Ben Shapiro got in on the action. “If Trump orders Sessions to investigate Rosie, he will be carved into Rushmore by Friday,” Shapiro remarked. While it took some time, O’Donnell responded in her usual disgusting fashion replying, “Suck my d**k Ben.”

What Happened Next

Ben Shapiro
Conservative author and speaker Ben Shapiro. | Photo credit Twitter

Given that allegations of sexual harassment against President Trump are permeating the news, Shapiro’s response was absolutely fitting. “You’re already a felon, Rosie. Don’t be a homophobic sexual harasser too,” he replied. Even better, he followed up his reply in a subsequent tweet with the hashtag #MeToo.

While the Twitter battle was hysterical, O’Donnell’s offer is not the least bit funny. It is a prime example of how the liberal elite use their money and power to get what they want, damn the consequences. Where these people get the nerve to criticize President Trump surpasses understanding.

Nevertheless, it’s not likely Rosie will face the music for her criminal offer. According to Rebecca Roiphe, a New York Law School professor, her offer didn’t violate any laws. “It’s political commentary,” Roiphe, a former prosecutor, told the Daily News. “What she’s trying to do is show these people had already been bought off.” 

Regardless, O’Donnell’s attempt to derail the tax reforms failed miserably. Both Collins and Flake voted in favor of the bill. But it is worthy of mentioning that the FBI, while not confirming an investigation into her generous offer, is not denying it either. Although given their history, we won’t hold our breath.