Review: Upcoming Star Wars Film May Hold “Dark” Fate For Jedi Hero


“The Last Jedi”

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The new trailer is out for the latest installment of George Lucas’ blockbuster “Star Wars” franchise, and it does a great job of fueling speculation about the future. Fans are super excited about what seems to be a stunning twist in the fate in the far-away galaxy they have come to love.

The teaser reveals that “The Force Awakens” heroine, Rey, returns to the big screen to train under Jedi master, Luke Skywalker. Rey is shown working vigorously to sharpen her skills in a mentally and physically challenging training routine, hoping to improve her lightsaber techniques and longing to embrace her powers of the “force.”

The two-minute video also hinted that trouble may be on the horizon for X-Wing pilot, Dameron Poe, and his droid sidekick BB-8. And of course, what would a Lucas trailer be without a villain to hate? Fans catch a glimpse of “Force Awakens” bad-guy Kylo Ren, also known as Ben Solo, skillfully drawing his infamous red lightsaber.

“The Last Jedi” is poised to offer fans everything they have come to expect from the “Star Wars” universe. Yet. if you pay close attention to the last line of the trailer, you’ll hear a curious line from Luke Skywalker. Perhaps you noticed it?

Skywalker appears to utter the line “I only know one truth, it’s time for the Jedi to end.” This is where things get very interesting. The implications surrounding Skywalker’s vague yet powerful utterance, are as numerous as fan’s opinions regarding the meaning. Some will no doubt wonder if Skywalker is choosing to follow in his father’s footsteps and move to the “dark side.”

Many devout followers of the films have seen this as an inevitable choice for the hero. In the original films, Skywalker often had doubts about the “integrity” of the Jedi force. And for a brief time, he became a member, albeit a short-lived one, of the Sith. While unlikely, his destroying the Jedi is not out of the question.

However, it is highly improbable that he would find an ally in Rey, as she is still recovering from a recent battle with the evil ones. For fans unwilling to embrace the thought of Luke switching sides, there is another possibility. Perhaps, like most people do, he has simply grown tired of the fight.

Skywalker is no doubt battle-fatigued, weary from his fight to give rebirth to the Jedi force that was all but destroyed by Kylo Ren and his ruthless followers. If that were the case, Rey could have a unique opportunity to reinvigorate her teacher, and breathe new life into his broken spirit. Nevertheless, Skywalker doesn’t sound like a man who is tired of fighting, he sounds like a man determined to fight.

But fight for what? The franchise has long since hinted that what the Jedi force needs, is a balance of power. The Jedi have shown in the past, that absolute power has the ability to corrupt the best of people just like it does the worst. Their dictatorial behaviors were quite similar to those of the Sith, perhaps without the purely evil intent.

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Regardless, it is well-known that to be successful one must be willing to walk a fine line between good and bad. While Skywalker may be unwilling to walk that line, his pupil may be a different story. In a poster for the film, Rey is depicted holding her lightsaber towards the sky, where it illuminated in both Jedi blue and Sith red.

The picture certainly alludes to the possibility that Rey, with the instruction of Skywalker, will hover ever-so delicately between the parallels of light and dark. A possibility that was also teased  in the “Force Awakens.” Fans are no doubt hoping the film will not return to the now defunct alter-universe, and instead compliment the original films. If the latter holds true, then…

“The Last Jedi” will keep pace as “New Hope” did with the original “Star Wars.”

If done right, “The Last Jedi” will deliver on the long-ago promises made to fans in 1977. A fair and balanced Jedi force that works to restore order in the turmoil-filled universe. Kylo Ren is sure to once again be a formidable opponent, and the teaming-up of Luke and Rey will deliver the action-packed Jedi sabering that fans are clamoring for. We can only hope that the possibilities are as wildly fantastic and creative on the screen, as they are in our “Star Wars” crazed minds.



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