Revealed! The Final Truth Behind Trump’s Financial Losses


Donald Trumps Financial lossesEverybody keeps making big deals about Trumps financial losses.

The Democrats keep failing to mention the unbelievable amount of success the man has had as well. If there is one thing I have learned from being around successful people it’s this, successful people are not afraid to fail. They see it as feedback to learn so they can move forward and get the results they’ve been looking for.

Basically, Trump has been spending his entire life preparing to run this country the right way.

As of now, we need someone who will run it like a business. A business with integrity and honesty that isn’t afraid to push a few people’s buttons. Even if those people are countries, Trump is not afraid to put America first, even if it pisses off some countries who quite frankly, could care less about what happens to us.

Trump may have failed at the Casino business, but what he learned was invaluable to success and business. Let’s make one thing clear, to go broke and then come back and reconstruct an empire of billions of dollars that is bigger than your previous one is something almost no one on this earth has done throughout history.

Trump on the other hand, did just that. And that type of hard work, intelligence and dedication is exactly what will pull this country out of the pit of despair it’s fallen into.’

He’s not looking to give free handouts; he’s learned the hard way that doesn’t work. His financial losses have taught him a thing or two about allowing people the freedom of using money carelessly. While it’s nice and attractive to think that if we just give and give and give it will all work out, the truth will always remain. People need to work in order to appreciate their lives and possessions. It’s a matter of self-worth and this country has lost its sense of self and worth as a whole.

donald trump financial lossesPeople need work in order to respect themselves and the people around them. And Trump understands this, he knows also that the giving of free money cannot be sustained. The system will fail in time. So he will do what he does best, treat America like a business with rules and regulations. Teach people how to fish rather than give them fish and through the process of rebuilding the economy and upping the employment rate, he will also help to rebuild the hearts, worth and minds of the American people.

Donald Trump is harsh at times, but right now we need someone to be harsh. Compassion is essential but when it comes to a country that is torn, divided and on the brink of riots and civil war, we need someone to step and be boss. Trump will put an end to the petty squabbles and bickering and see to that this country is made great again.

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