Where does this nonsense come from? In the opinion pages of The New York Times, a piece called “Threats of an Anti-Muslim Holocaust,” splashed across the paper. 

Let’s dive in.

According to FBI statistics, hate crimes against Jews are more than twice as many as those against Muslims. The New York Times fails to report this news, however.

The Holocaust | Photo Credit WikiMedia CommonsThe Holocaust | Photo Credit WikiMedia Commons

Hate Crimes in America

In the U.S., there are still more hate crimes against Jewish people than any other group. And Jews only make up 2 percent of the population.

If there’s a Muslim Holocaust anywhere, it’s more likely to occur in the Arab-Muslim world, rather than in America. Over four hundred thousand dead Syrians have been massacred throughout Pakistan, North Africa, and Iraq.

Furthermore, far more Americans have been killed by radical Muslims than Americans have killed Muslims in hate crimes, according to writer Michael Berenhaus.

The New York Times writes, “This Week in Hate tracks hate crimes and harassment around the country, since the election of Donald Trump. The Southern Poverty Law Center and other groups are keeping detailed counts of harassment and abuse.”

The Holocaust | Photo Credit WikiMedia CommonsThe Holocaust | Photo Credit WikiMedia Commons

The Times Give Minor Incidents Major Exposure

The report continued, “We will regularly present a selection of incidents to show the scope of the problem. This article, the first in the series, includes incidents reported in the last two weeks.”

The list includes allegations that, “three mosques in California received letters threatening that Donald Trump is going to do to you Muslims what Hitler did to the Jews.”

In Queens, someone reported that an Arab-American Uber driver has a video of someone shouting “they’ll deport you soon,” and the Times, feels justified in attributing it to Trump.

Another list item points to Collins Hill High School in Georgia, where swastikas, racists slurs, the name “Trump” and “build a wall” were all written in graffiti. The vandalism reportedly covered the school’s athletic complex.

These reports really showcase the tooth and nail attempts to scrap for “news” at the New York Times. What once was a respected paper is now simply a megaphone for liberal alarmists. Sad, but true. 

Why do you think The Times continues spreading propaganda and paranoia?

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