NATO On Edge After Putin Sends Three Warships Near Latvia

Trump Meets NATO | Photo Credit New York Times Russian leader Vladimir Putin is challenging NATO by sending three Russian warships into Latvia’s economic zone in the Baltic Sea. These corvettes — Liven 551, Morshansk 824, and Serpukhov 603 — were detected near Latvian territories.

This is only the most recent move by Putin’s naval forces and experts are saying it was done due to the arrival of US Warship USS Carney into the Baltic Sea. These Russian vessels were sent out ahead of the country’s annual war commemoration.

For Russia, May 9 is known as Victory Day.

Russia’s Celebration Of Victory Day

Putin Patrols | Photo Credit Fox News

The Daily Mail reports:

“But [the vessels] suddenly left again for deployment in the Baltic, according to news agency A source confirmed to RIA Novosti news agency that the navy parade in St.Petersburg will take place as planned but fewer ships will participate in it. But the source denied that the sudden departure of some vessels had something to do with the arrival of USS Carney.”

“The country’s major commemoration will be held on Red Square in Moscow presided over by Putin. In late April, a Kilo-class Russian submarine was detected near Latvian territorial waters. Earlier in the month warships also ventured close to the ex-Soviet state’s territorial waters.”

Russia Increases Movements Similar To Cold War

Serpukhov 603 | Photo Credit V Kostrichenko

The Independent reports:

“Last month Admiral Michelle Howard, the head of Nato’s Allied Joint Force Command in Naples and commander of US naval forces in Europe and Africa, said Russian naval activity in Europe now exceeded levels seen during the Cold War.”

“Nato has stepped up its presence of in the region with four battalions being deployed to Poland, Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia as part of Operation Atlantic Resolve. In March, the first of 800 UK troops were deployed to Estonia to help deter Russian aggression.”

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