When the historic announcement was made that Donald Trump would be America’s 45th President, the crisis began.

The problem, that may have been festering before the election. has now boiled to the surface. And it finally has a name. It is called Post-Trump Trauma Syndrome, or PTTS.

PTTS Is the New PTSD

Post-Trump Trauma Syndrome is the new PTSD of the cupcake generation. This emotionally-driven disorder erodes the existence of logic and reason. It slowly chips away at common sense and human decency.

PTTS is most common among young adults between the ages of 18 and 25, but you may see it in any socialist progressive. College students and members of the mainstream media are particularly at-risk for developing the syndrome.

The signs of PTTS are both unmistakable and easily recognizable.

Signs of PTTS

Photo credit: Gergely Vida (Creative Commons)Photo credit: Gergely Vida (Creative Commons)

The first-step to helping someone suffering from Post-Trump Trauma Syndrome to recognize the signs and symptoms. After all, the first step in healing any mental issue is acknowledgement. 

Don’t you agree?


The most common signs of PTTS are:

  1. Temper Tantrums

Characterized by excessive sniveling and whining, this symptom results from the person’s inability to control their fragile emotions which, inhibits normal adult thinking and behavior.

  1. Outbursts of Anger

Sufferers may begin to protest violently. They may burn American flags, block busy streets and highways, or brutally assault anyone who demonstrates the ability to think for themselves. Donald Trump supporters are a trigger for these outbursts.

  1. Growing Need for Safe Spaces

Unable to cope with reality, those with PTTS will often look for safe spaces. These places will most likely offer blankets, safety pins, hot chocolate, and meditation. You can find them on or near liberal college and university campuses across America. 

  1. Paranoid Delusions

This may be the most dangerous sign of PTTS. Sufferers find themselves living in a self-created fantasy world. They believe that they are always right — giving them evidence to the contrary will not help. When told they have lost something important, like an election, they will become hostile and paranoid that the “system” is rigged.

Do not be afraid. Help is out there.

Help Is a Phone Call Away

Photo Credit: kingofwallpapers.comPhoto Credit: kingofwallpapers.com

Post-Trump Trauma Syndrome is quickly becoming an epidemic. If left untreated, it could easily turn into a global crisis.  Individuals who exhibit any or all of these signs are most likely emotionally unstable and you should avoid them if you are looking for adult conversation.

Calling 1-800-REALITY will connect them with the truth about the real world. They will be given detailed instructions on how to grow-up and act like a responsible adult. Placing emphasis on critical thinking and coping skills, treatment will focus on job training, personal accountability, and learning that nothing is free.

Do you know someone who suffers from Post-Trump Trauma Syndrome? Tell us your story in the comments.

You can help spread the word about PTTS by sharing this story with #TrumpTrauma.

 **Note** This story is satire. Our intention was not to make light of the debilitating effects of PTSD. If you or someone you know is in crisis, you can find help at the National Center for PTSD, or by visiting your nearest emergency room.


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