64,000 People Are Joining Forces With This Psychologist To…

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Dr. John Gartner leads effort to impeach Trump
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Licensed mental health professionals take an oath. Not only to protect their patients from harm but also to serve their profession ethically and honorably. So, what does it say when a group of psychologists use their skills to bully and belittle someone they have never met? That is exactly what a Maryland doctor is doing to President Trump.

Mental illness is no laughing matter. It is a problem that, in some way or another, touches the lives of millions of individuals and families across the world. Mental illness does not recognize race, economic, or ethnic backgrounds. It cares nothing about political parties. Unfortunately, the same thing cannot be said for Baltimore Psychologist, Dr. John Gartner.

Significantly, Gartner is leading an effort to impeach the president because he is “mentally unfit” to hold the office. The group Gartner leads, “Duty to Warn,” operates from an office at Sheppard and Enoch Pratt Hospital. The collective of mental health professionals is on a mission to warn the public about President Trump.

Interestingly, what began as a simple petition on Change.org has now turned into an all-out psychological war. Launched in January and aimed at Trump’s cabinet, the petition has garnered more than 64,000 signatures. However, that is just the tip of iceberg heading in the direction of President Trump.

Expanding their campaign nationwide, Duty to Warn is holding conferences in cities across the country on October 14. Attending the events, are psychologist and psychiatrists who oppose the president. Moreover, Gartner and several of his colleagues have contributed to a book currently on Amazon, titled The Dangerous Case of Donald Trump.

Not one of these professionals, a term we use loosely, in this case, has met or examined the president.


APA warns against diagnosing Trump
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Incidentally, that fact is not going unnoticed by the industry. Both the American Psychological Association and American Psychiatric Association, are cautioning Duty to Warn. Specifically, they advise against diagnosing a person without conducting a thorough examination. In fact, doing so is an egregious violation of the APA code of ethics:

“Psychologists provide opinions of the psychological characteristics of individuals only after they have conducted an examination of the individuals adequate to support their statements or conclusions.”

Nevertheless, Gartner continues to pursue his woefully misguided agenda with the help of liberal media.  In addition to the October events, the group is planning teach-ins and marches at various universities including UCLA. Ironically, their “unofficial” campaign slogan is “Make America Sane Again.”

Should these professionals lose their license? Tell us in the comments.




  • oldenough2remember

    The desperation is pathetic and laughable. If these men pursue this, they need to lose their licenses….

  • FlCracker2

    This moron should have that license pulled.

  • Bev Reiter

    How can these quacks presume to “diagnosis ” President Trump in any way, shape or form if they have never seen or met him?? They Libercrats are just pissed because they can’t control him like they are used to diing!! Leave him alone so he can do the job we elected him to do!! Thank God for President Trump! ! Trump /Pence 2020!!

  • Rosemary Martin

    Probably the same shrinks pushing transgender insanity on our children, put them in jail for mal practice. God bless and watch over President Trump.

  • Ursula Schletter

    And they like to make it look like a bunch of people are behind this when in reality more people are behind president trump then those against him.

  • Don Taylor


  • Up Huff

    Hey, I took psych in College! That means I can issue my diagnosis of them in absentia, right? They can do it without full examination, so can I.
    My diagnosis? They’re all a bunch of flaming a$$holes. And I’d certify to that.

  • Kenneth Edwards

    I’ve never given flakes who have drifted into the psychology or psychiatry field much credence. They always seem like the ones that need more mental health care than the rest of society.
    Have you ever met one of these people who is happy?
    No, they are twisted in the head.

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