When will Democrats and progressives understand? Donald Trump did not win the presidency by standing around doing nothing. He identified and touched a throbbing nerve causing great pain in America. But surprisingly, some faith leaders don’t like it one bit. 

Several liberally-minded religious leaders recently sent a plea to President Obama — asking him to pardon a few million illegal aliens. Why?

Progressive Pastors Network Against Donald Trump 

This network of church pastors and leaders claim their motive is to protect families they feel are vulnerable to deportation. They want community governments to establish sanctuaries for these people, though the immigrants in question entered our country without proper sanctions.

We also have no check systems in place, to determine if they arrived with evil on their minds. Donald Trump is no hate-monger, he’s merely acting as a strong leader should, by protecting our great American nation. Weakness got us in this mess — power will get us out.

The Truth Behind Their Cries


One member of this network, Pastor Greg Holsten said in a press release, “Our neighbors are under attack. We are urging preachers and leaders all over this nation to find those who are in danger, undocumented immigrants who need a safe place. Unless we stand up together, we will all be attacked. We have to learn to follow the tenants of our faith.”

“Tenants of our faith?” Scripture references the principle of “rendering unto Caesar what is Caesars.” This means obeying the laws of the land. 

Holsten also alludes to attacks against immigrants, accusing Trump and his supporters of targeting these “undocumented” people, by sending them back home. But real attacks, including murder, are propogated by illegals against Americans on a regular basis.

Let’s not be fooled by the so-called Christian charity this network portrays. Its founder, John Baumann, was a priest who followed the tenets of Saul Alinsky

George Soros also plays a hand in the support of this group, the PICO National Network. Soros undoubtedly sees his agenda flourishing, by backing the PICO move. But Donald Trump refuses to cower.

Trump Protects America 


An incredible opportunity awaits Donald Trump in the days ahead. If communities support the faith leader’s suggestions on illegal immigrants, he may pull his own surprise. 

Mayors who thumb their noses at federal law by providing protection for illegals, could lose federal funding for certain community projects. Those who adhere to immigration laws, protecting us from dangerous criminals, as well as those who obey immigration laws when entering America, would have nothing to fear.

Much of the immigrant Trump voting bloc were lawful entrants into the United States. What they said by their vote, is they want an America that stays true to its foundation. 

Conservative Christian leaders are bound to scriptural principles for the country’s good. But there is danger in taking these biblical principles out of context. Progressive pastors and leaders might want to carefully consider their actions, the Bible also commands them to pray for and obey, those people God places in positions of authority. God bless America.

Do you pray for President-elect Trump and other global leaders?

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