Problems with Immigration Become Clearer Than Ever


According to a recent article in the Washington Times, immigration costs the United States Government over $296 Billion. The costs are in relation to the amount of taxes immigrants pay each year. General spending on immigrants is almost $300 billion a year or more. The study was done by the National Academies of Science, Engineering and Medicine. (Source 1)

How Bad is Immigration in United States?

Another study done in 2013, reported illegal immigration was costing the United States $113 Billion a year.  (Source 2)

This new report is exclusively for the costs of legal migrants in the country. Imagine what the combined costs must be to take care of both legal and illegal immigrants. This is yet one more reason to vote Trump in 2016. We need him in office to help instill laws that will combat this problem.

Immigration conceptMore issues than just initial costs arise from immigrants in the United States.  American workers also have to compete with immigrants for jobs. And since most migrants will work identical jobs for a much lower wage, the problem is becoming a major concern. Along with the increased difficulty in finding work, Americans are also having issues with immigrants avoiding assimilation.

Another article on, claims immigration is taking about $500 billion in wages from American’s each year. (Source 3) The low wages immigrants will accept, are too small for most American’s to survive on.

Problems With Immigration in the United States

Language barriers are becoming a problem as well. Immigrants failing to assimilate are also failing to learn the English language. This apparently is due to a massive influx of Mexican immigrants coming to the United States over the last two decades.

The question many of us are thinking is, “would Trump’s wall be able to combat this problem?” Because as of now, there roughly 1 million legal and illegal immigrants making their way into the U.S. a year. Mexican immigrants make up about 11.7 of all immigrants in the United States, or 28%. (Source 4)

Trump’s wall could effectively cut our almost all illegal immigration coming from Mexico. And let’s not forget, there are more than just Mexicans making their way into the United States across the country’s southern border., another conservative blog/website, wrote an article last year about Law Enforcement officials in Texas who confirmed Islamic Terrorists made it across the southern border of the United States. The groups were founded in countries like Iraq and Syria and passed over the border with help from Mexican drug cartels. (source 5)

Will Trumps Wall Help Immigration Problems?

All of these issues combined lead to a big problem is coming for the United States if something isn’t done immediately. If Hillary wins, we can pretty much count on 4-8 more years of serious issues with immigration. And in reality, they will most likely get far worst. On the other hand, if the people of this country will vote Trump into office in November, there may be time for reform.

Trump’s wall may sound harsh to some people, but can we afford to let terrorists into this country? All it takes is one group of fanatics to make it across the border to cause serious havoc in this country. One group could kill hundreds, thousands or a larger number of people with the right weapons. The best thing you can do, is vote Trump for President in 2016.