She’s Back! Roseanne Reboot’s Riding The Trump Train

Roseanne reboot-Roseanne Barr
Actresses Sarah Gilbert, Laurie Metcalf, and Roseanne Barr. | Photo credit Vanity Fair

What happens when a Trump “deplorable” comes face to face with a “nasty woman” feminist? You get a Roseanne reboot that is pure comedy gold, and proof that good television isn’t dead after all.

On Tuesday night, the functionally dysfunctional Connor family returned to ABC with a vengeance after a 20-year hiatus. Dan is alive, the children are grown, and the house looks eerily familiar.

While some things about the popular sitcom didn’t change, others did. Like the family matriarch moving from being a progressive, quasi-feminist to a Trump-loving, conservative American for example.

A character that’s the mirror image of her real-life counterpart, Roseanne Barr.  

Last June, ABC Network President Channing Dungey issued a statement noting the show would bring back a “point-of-view that has been missing on air” and they delivered. And they managed to do it, while addressing some of the most controversial issues of the time.

In the first episode, the audience is introduced to Darlene Connor-Healy’s gender non-conforming son Mark Jr. Young Mark is a boy who knows he’s a boy but loves girls’ fashion and is bullied at school. Both of which clearly presents a problem for grandma and grandpa.

In addition to Darlene, now living at home as a single mother with her two children, the show brings back Becky and DJ Connor. DJ is a military veteran just returning home from Syria with a bi-racial daughter and a wife still serving overseas.

Then, there is Laurie Metcalf who plays Roseanne’s sister Jackie. The opposite of her sister, Jackie is a Women’s March feminist and Hillary Clinton supporter. Throughout the first two episodes, the two women trade verbal punches that perfectly portray our current political climate.

Raising the Barr

Roseanne Barr and Donald Trump
Actress Roseanne Barr proudly supports Donald Trump. | Photo credit Page Six

Aside from the Trump-Clinton feud, the Roseanne reboot also addresses some other issues that ordinary American families are dealing with like healthcare and the opioid crisis. In one of the first scenes, Roseanne and Dan are sharing medications, subtly hinting at the Obamacare failure and rising cost of prescription drugs.

Nevertheless, while some of the storylines are no doubt controversial, there is something for everybody to enjoy. And let’s face it, any show that is pro-Trump, and in a not-so-subtle way anti-Hillary, deserves our attention.

If nothing else, it’s just great to have the Connors back in our living room. For 30 minutes every Tuesday night, for nine weeks at least, we get to feel like our own families aren’t nearly as bad as we thought they were.