Boy With Sick Father Receives Touching Response From Trump

Eight-year old Fore Putnam letter to Trump
Eight-year-old Fore Putnam holds the letter he received from President Trump. | Photo credit WSOC-TV

Last Christmas, eight-year-old Fore Putnam had two wishes. He wanted to help his gravely ill father and, if possible, receive one toy. Running out of hope, the young boy turned to three people to grant his wishes-President Trump, First Daughter Ivanka, and Santa Claus.

Before we tell you more, you might want to grab a tissue.

For the last three years, Fore’s father Trae Putnam has been enduring dialysis treatments. Suffering from a rare blood disorder, he is currently awaiting a life-saving kidney transplant. Hoping to end his father’s pain, Fore Putnam turned to the president and first daughter for help.

With a little help from his grandmother, the North Carolina boy penned a heartbreaking letter explaining his family’s situation. “My dad has been sick for a long time… I want him to get better, so he can get a job again, so we can play,” he wrote.

“My mom just left, so if my dad gets better, she might come back… Please help my dad for Christmas. That’s all I want for Christmas, and maybe one toy.”

This week Fore and his family received a surprise in the mail- a letter from the White House. Grandma Sheila Sherrill told CBS News, the letter was not what she expected. “I really thought it’s probably just a canned picture of him with some sort of canned response,” she said.

What Trump Said

Fore Putnam Trump letter
President Trump sent this letter to Fore Putnam. | Photo credit Putnam Family via CBS News

As it turns out, the young boy received a deeply heartfelt response from President Trump. “I can tell that you are a brave young man with a big heart,” the letter read in part. Trump added that he “admired” Fore’s “determination” to find help for his dad.

Needless to say, the family was moved by the president’s touching response. Especially Trae, who didn’t know his son wrote the letter. In addition to sending encouragement, Trump also forwarded the original letter to his staff to find help for the family.

“I just want people to know how proud I am of my son,” Putnam said. “He’s really special. He always thinks about everybody else more than he thinks of himself and that’s rare for an eight-year-old.” 

We’re guessing it’s about as rare as having a president that cares so much. There must be something with the eight-year thing, right?

Regardless, it warms our hearts to say that this isn’t the first kind gesture the president has made to a child. Last October, he responded to nine-year-old Eli’sha Davis. Davis sent Trump some money to help him pay the bills at the White House.