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Photo Credit: After the election, we highlighted some important issues that Donald Trump would address in his first 100 days. On his first Monday as President- he began making good on his promises. He has signed these four Executive orders.

The Trans-Pacific Partnership has been a disaster from the beginning. President Trump made his feelings known about TPP very early in his campaign noting:

“The TPP is a horrible deal. It is a deal that is going to lead to nothing but trouble.”

His Executive order officially withdraws the U.S. from TPP which should make American business owners very happy.

The president has spoken many times about the need to have trade deals that make sense for America. Obama’s signature trade deal wasn’t one of them.

President Trump is taking aim at other Obama policies as well. His second order is a…

Federal Hiring Freeze

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Obama had a record-setting number of civilians in the federal workforce. According to Breitbart, there were approximately 2.6 million civilians working in the Executive Branch alone. The order would apply to every federal government agency except the military.

President Trump previously promised a “hiring freeze on federal employees to reduce the federal workforce.”

His third executive order deals with abortion funding. The “Mexico City Policy” was first enacted by President Reagan. It requires:

 “All foreign non-governmental organizations (NGOs) that receive federal funding to refrain from performing or promoting abortion services as a method of family planning with non-U.S. government funds in other countries.”

In more general terms it means there will be no American funds used for abortions in other countries. A decision that will likely anger Planned Parenthood supporters. Again.

When Bill Clinton took office he rescinded the policy. It was reinstated by George W. Bush and then revoked again by Obama in 2009.

On inauguration day, the President signed the “Ease of Burden” order on Obamacare. This order will prevent individuals and businesses from being fined for not having health insurance.  

President Trump is getting right to work putting “America first.” 

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