Iran’s Exiled Prince Makes Shocking Admission…


Former Crown Wants Revolution

Reza Pahlavi | Photo Credit Associated Press

Reza Pahlavi, the son of the last shah to rule before the Islamic Revolution in 1979 has gained popularity ever since Donald Trump was elected President. The reason may be due to Trump’s promise to fight the Shiite power.

Pahlavi told the press, “This regime is simply irreformable because the nature of it, its DNA, is such as it cannot.” He believes that the people have completely given up on the idea of a reform but perhaps there can be a fundamental change.

The crown also believes that there can be a peaceful revolution, as long as the Western governments keep their distance and avoid military action. This would mean labor strikes nationwide and a paramilitary organization that would protect the system.

Replacing Clerical Rule With Parliamentary

Iran 1979 | Photo Credit Al Jazeera

Yahoo reports:

“Pahlavi’s calls for replacing clerical rule with a parliamentary monarchy, enshrining human rights and modernizing its state-run economy could prove palatable to both the West and Iran’s Sunni Gulf neighbors, who remain suspicious of Iran’s intentions amid its involvement in the wars in Iraq, Syria, and Yemen.

“But the Mideast is replete with cautionary tales about Western governments putting their faith in exiles long estranged from their homelands. Whether Pahlavi can galvanize nostalgia for the age of the Peacock Throne remains unseen.”

Young Iranians Look To History

Iranian Revolution | Photo Credit WikiPedia

ABC News reports:

“But Pahlavi, 56, insists young Iranians increasingly look toward Iran’s past. He pointed to recent demonstrations at the tomb of the pre-Islamic King Cyrus the Great, which have been claimed by a variety of anti-government forces as a sign of unrest. Under his father’s secular and pro-Western rule, Iran experienced a rapid modernization program financed by oil revenues.

“If you look at the legacy that was left behind by both my father and my grandfather … it contrasts with this archaic, sort of backward, religiously rooted radical system that has been extremely repressive,” Pahlavi said. Since the U.S. election, Pahlavi has given a growing number of media interviews, including with Breitbart, the far-right website once run by Trump’s chief strategist, Steve Bannon. Pahlavi also has sent letters to the Trump administration.”

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