Sidestepping presidential authority, Phoenix and Denver are becoming America’s newest sanctuary for illegal immigrants. Despite both cities dealing with a rise in violent crime, officials have decided that defying President Trump is more important. More important than protecting the lives of American citizens.

Photo credit; Center for Immigration Studies

Phoenix, Arizona’s largest city, became an official sanctuary for illegal immigrants after a closed-door meeting with a leftist activist group. Police chief Jeri Williams, known for his weak stance on immigration, quietly implemented the plan. Just days before, Williams met with Will Goana, policy director for the ACLU’s Arizona chapter.

The city’s new policy forbids officers from contacting federal immigration authorities after arresting an illegal alien. The law also prohibits law enforcement from inquiring about a suspect’s immigration status. Williams’ new policy is directly in line with that of Maricopa County Sheriff, Paul Penzone.

Penzone, who took over the job after defeating Sheriff Joe Arpaio, announced in March that illegal immigrants are “guests” in Phoenix. We later revealed that Penzone was releasing as many as 1,200 illegals a month. President Trump recently made a rally stop in Phoenix, where he discussed the threat of dangerous illegals with a supportive crowd.

In Denver, the story is very similar. On Monday, Denver City Council unanimously passed an ordinance limiting how local officials work with ICE. The “Denver Public Safety Enforcement Priorities Act” passed, 10-0, and bans city officials from asking an arrested individual’s immigration status.

Like other sanctuary city policies, the new law will ignore ICE detainer requests.

In addition, ICE officials cannot conduct in-person jail interviews without a warrant. Denver Mayor, Michael Hancock issued a statement about the change saying the city “stands with their immigrant and refugee communities.”

“Local government’s ability to protect and serve all of our people is enhanced when community members feel safe coming forward as either a victim of or a witness to a crime, regardless of their legal status,” said Hancock.

Photo credit: Fox31-Denver

However, in December of 2016, a Denver citizen fell victim to a dangerous illegal.

Gang member and illegal immigrant, Ever Valles, was released from jail, despite an ICE priority detainer request. Just seven weeks after his release, Valles murdered 32-year old Tim Cruz while robbing him at gunpoint at a Denver rail station.





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