Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein recently announced her plans to drop the Pennsylvania recount push. She says her demands aren’t connected to Donald Trump’s victory, but her targets say otherwise.

On Sunday, the unpredictable physician turned politician changed her mind again. In a late-hour tweet, she announced she will “escalate” her recount case and file a demand for a statewide recount.

Stein originally dropped her demand citing lack of funds. Monday Monday Network published an in-depth report written by Missy Jackson regarding this issue.

Jill Stein’s Campaign Team Statement

Shortly after Stein’s tweet, her campaign team, through lead counsel Jonathan Abady, released a statement regarding their decision.

In the statement, Abady said the state-court is “ill-equipped to address” the verification of votes in Pennsylvania. He further said that barriers on the matter are “so pervasive.”

He explained this is why they are seeking federal court intervention. The emergency relief they file will demand a statewide recount “on constitutional grounds.”

Pennsylvania recountJill Stein has also asked her supporters on Twitter to join the “Recount Rally” in front of Trump Tower in New York City. Source: Fox News

In her announcement saying she was dropping the Pennsylvania recount petitions, Stein called the state’s election laws “antiquated” and “stacked against voters.” She also called the state’s demanded $1 million bond payment, “a barrier to democratic participation.”

“By demanding a $1 million bond from voters yesterday, the court made it clear it has no interest in giving a fair hearing to these voters’ legitimate concerns over the accuracy, security and fairness of an election tainted by suspicion,” she said.

On another earlier recount report here on Monday Monday Network, we mentioned that the White House has ruled out any suspicion of hacking.

Pennsylvania Recount to Continue in Some Counties

Jordan Brueckner, campaign spokeswoman to Stein, explained that petitioners are only withdrawing a statewide recount push. Recounts are still ongoing in hundreds of precincts in the state. These include precincts in Lehigh, Allegheny, and Philadelphia counties.

Brueckner also confirmed that they are still pushing for forensic audits of voting machines in the state. On Sunday morning, Stein blamed elected officials for the price of the recount via a tweet.

Funding of Jill Stein’s Recounts

Pennsylvania recountJill Stein raised a little less than $7 million for her recount push in Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania. Is she going to reveal her donors? Image Source: Death and Taxes

To date, Stein has raised a little less than $7 million for the recount. What’s odd about that?

Well, it’s more than twice what she managed to raise for this year’s campaign–just $2.5 million.

For her 2012 presidential campaign, she only raised $900,000.

One might wonder, is someone behind the curtain pulling the strings here? Based on her abrupt change of mind, there’s reason to question.

Some people speculate that Stein may have chosen the three states because she wants Hillary Clinton elected. Many comments from people say that if Stein’s aim is genuine, she should have picked Illinois where voting processes are dubious. 

So far, Stein’s wishy-washy demands are doing nothing but costing her supporters money in exchange for no return.

What do you think about Jill Stein’s hot and cold approach to the Pennsylvania recount? Do you think she is taking orders from other people?

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