Violent Oregon Protestor Tries THIS On Police, Instantly Gets Brutal Lesson…


Learning the Hard Way

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This is definitely not Obama’s America anymore. A place where law and order was almost visibly absent. Trump is the new sheriff in town, and a female protester in Oregon just learned that the hard way.

During “Not My President’s Day” protests in Portland, OR, police arrested seven adults and six juveniles, including a 66-year old woman and a 14-year old child. But one confrontation with police was particularly hostile.

A female protestor approached nearby police officers and began spitting on them and giving them the middle finger. Officers repeatedly told the woman to stand-down, but she persisted with her aggressive behavior.

Police, dressed in riot gear, took the woman down to the ground but once again she got back up and began taunting them. This time, another officer nearby walked over and shot the woman twice in the torso with rubber bullets.

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The ACLU has naturally criticized the actions of Portland police calling them “shameful.” However, Portland police spokesperson, Sgt. Pete Simpson defended their actions as being necessary to preventing bigger problems.

Problems that are created by aggressive and violent mobs, intent on creating chaos. Police have a responsibility to keep these situations from getting…


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Speaking about the confrontation, Sgt. Simpson said:

“We would much prefer things were different. But we’re sort of forced to be there now because of the aggressive nature of the, we’re going to show up, we’re going to block streets, we’re going to shut the city down’ attitude.”

In the past, protesters who have been arrested claimed they could not “hear” an officer’s commands. To combat this, Portland officers used megaphones to call out to protesters by their clothing, to ensure they could hear their instructions.

All 13 people detained by police received traffic citations for failing to obey an officer. Each adult also was arrested for second-degree disorderly conduct.


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