Black Lives Matter Just Joined A New Group….


Fight For 15 Joins Black Lives Matter

Fight For 15 | Photo Credit Fox News

On Tucker Carlson Tonight, a representative from the “Fight For $15” movement came on to discuss their upcoming event with Black Lives Matter. In addition to this combination of movements, they also support immigration pay, which would appear to contradict the “Fight For $15.”

Tucker Carlson reports:

“Tomorrow, members of the “Fight For $15” minimum wage movement are teaming up with the movement, Black Lives Matter, to stage protests across the country. The theme will be “Fight Racism, Raise Pay.” They are trying to link the struggle for higher wages with broader racial agitation in the United States. But will the demonstration empower both movements or merely shackle them together awkwardly?”

News On The Event

Fight For 15 | Photo Credit Fox News

Kendall Fells from “Fight For $15” responds:

“Thanks for having us on the eve of the 49th anniversary of Dr. Martin Luther King’s assassination. Tomorrow, we’re going to lift and highlight the economic and racial indifferences here in this country the same way that Martin Luther King Jr. did, and we’re going to link these two movements up and we’re going to highlight all of the things we’ve been doing in this country for the 20 million workers who have received wage increases.”

Immigrants Hurt Minimum Wage

Illegal Immigrants | Photo Credit Immigrations Helpers

The official “Fight For $15” press release reads:

“As Dr. King said, “white supremacy and corporate greed have always been linked in America,” and right now Republican leaders across the country are pushing radical laws to crack down on protest movements. They’re working to block cities from raising wages. They’re trying to tear up the Voting Rights Act and keep us from the polls while they demonize and deport our neighbors.

“Now, more than ever, we have to band together as a movement for fair pay, as a movement for black lives, as a movement for immigrant rights, and as a movement – above all – for justice.”

When asked about immigration rights, the spokesperson seemed to reiterate the importance of everyone making more money. However, various studies prove that immigrants who can work for less actually hurt the national minimum wage.

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