Former ICE Agent Exposes Obama for Dangerous Immigration Policies


“He Let the Bad Guys Get Away”

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This is the shocking message coming from former ICE agent Jeff Parkes. Parkes recently broke his silence in an exclusive interview with Independent Journal Review. Parkes worked as an ICE agent from 2008-2014, as part of Homeland Security Investigations.

What he had to say is very disturbing and explains why we have almost 1 million illegals with standing deportation orders still on the loose. He called what is being circulated by liberal media “utter nonsense.”

“What I see in the news is utter nonsense. As a former sworn immigration official and a special agent with ICE, you are given authority as an immigration agent under the INA to arrest anyone who you have determined the alienage and removability for. You have the ability to come across any person on the street in the U.S. and determine if that individual is removable.

Parkes goes on to discuss how difficult it was for agents to do their job noting that upper management would make their life “hell.” They constantly feared for their jobs– for doing their jobs.

But this was not the most startling revelation Parkes made in his interview. He also asserted that Obama purposely stalled…

Prosecution of Illegal Immigrants

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Parkes blamed Obama and his DOJ for having a sinister agenda that intentionally ignored illegals who have committed crimes:

“You could have the best case in the world with an illegal alien who has been in this country for years, and he’s committed numerous crimes. But if the U.S. Attorney doesn’t want to take the case, it doesn’t get done. I saw during my time as an agent, the U.S. Attorney’s office stop prosecuting some things.

He also addressed Trump’s recent travel ban calling it “long overdue” and saying that he was amazed at “how easy it is for aliens to make it to the U.S. from countries such as Yemen with travel documents that were handwritten and unverifiable.”

Americans have been dangerously deceived. Parkes’ interview demonstrates just how lethal Obama was for America. It also highlights just how important it is for President Trump to secure our nation’s borders.

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