Obama and Trump had their misunderstandings during the election, but it’s time to move on now. Trump is the new president, and Obama is happy to help with the transition.

Even before he had his first meeting with Trump, Obama said George W. Bush, “Was more than helpful when he got elected.”

That’s exactly why Obama is trying to do the same for Trump.

Obama shared presidential insights he received from George W. Bush during an interview with CBS, “The first piece of advice was, “Trust yourself. And know that ultimately regardless of the day-to-day news cycles and the noise, the American people need their president to succeed, regardless of political party.” Which I thought was very generous of him,” Obama said.

Obama tried to calm anxieties about the election of Donald Trump on the last stop of his farewell tour. “My main message to you, and the message I delivered in Europe is, don’t just assume the worst.

Wait until the administration is in place, it’s actually putting its policies together, and then you can make your judgements as to whether or not it’s consistent with the international community’s interest in living in peace and prosperity together.” 

Obama Drastically Changed His Tone

Obama used to describe Trump as “not fit” to be president, but he suddenly shifted his tone — as many politicians must when a change of leadership occurs. His main goal is to smooth the transition process as the Trump administration takes over the nation’s helm.

“It will be important for everybody around the world to not make immediate judgments, but give this new President-elect a chance to put their team together, to examine the issues, to determine what their policies will be. Because as I’ve always said, how you campaign isn’t always the same as how you govern,” Obama said.

Obama also said he’s not expecting a sudden shift when it comes to the U.S.-Latin American relations. “With respect to Latin America, I don’t anticipate major changes in policy from the new administration.

There are going to be tensions that arise, probably around trade more than anything else, because the President-elect campaigned on looking at every trade policy and potentially reversing those,” Obama said.

Exactly, Mr. President — the kind of change America needs. 

What do you think about Obama’s attitude toward the Trump transition?

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