Mind-Blowing Report Reveals What Obama REALLY Did To Secure Iran Nuclear Deal

Hezbollah guerrillas wrap themselves in explosives during a parade in Lebanon. | Photo credit Business Insider

Former President Barack Obama has been out of office almost a year. On January 20, Americans started learning just how destructive his leadership was. This week, a mind-blowing new report revealed exactly what Obama did to secure the disastrous Iran Nuclear deal.

Hezbollah is a multi-million-dollar terrorist regime with deep ties to Iran, operating primarily from Beirut, Lebanon. They are global, organized, and deadly. And, they’ve been smuggling cocaine and cleaning dirty money in the United States, so Obama could preserve the Iran Nuclear deal.

According to a Politico investigation, the Obama administration purposely derailed a DEA campaign targeting Hezbollah for laundering money and trafficking in drugs and weapons. Dubbed “Project Cassandra,” the operation lasted eight years and involved more than 30 U.S. and foreign security agencies.

Yet, when DEA officials sought to arrest and prosecute Hezbollah members, the Obama Justice and Treasury Departments delayed or refused their requests. The State Department also refused to assist in moving high-profile targets to locations where arrests were possible.

Former Defense Department analyst for the project David Asher told Politico that these decisions were deliberate. “This was a policy decision, it was a systematic decision,” said Asher. “They serially ripped apart this entire effort that was very well supported and resourced, and it was done from the top down.” 

In addition, besides intentionally allowing Hezbollah to launder money and smuggle cocaine into the U.S., Obama failed to secure a well-known terrorist. The U.S. government indicted Ali Fayad, a top operative within the terror group, for planning the murders of American government employees.

The Czech Republic had Fayad in custody, but Obama didn’t aggressively pursue extradition.

The Art of Collusion

Obama Iran Nuclear Deal
Barack Obama and Iran-Nuclear Lie. | Photo credit National Review

Apparently, the former president was comfortable letting terrorists walk free when it suited his agenda. Remember Bowe Bergdahl? Nevertheless, this a remarkable story that reeks of collusion well-beyond anything America has seen before. And sadly, it’s not at all hard to believe. 

It is hard to believe that Obama has the nerve to criticize and attack his successor. If there is a threat to America’s success and survival, it isn’t President Trump. His objective is to protect the country from the monsters seeking to destroy it.