In Germany on Thursday, President Obama held a press conference with Chancellor Angela Merkel, where he offered additional unsolicited advice to President-elect Donald Trump.

Despite wasting his last few months as President to help Hilary’s candidacy, Obama is currently touring Greece, Germany, Italy, and Peru. During his Greek vacation, he also attacked Americans who support Trump by diagnosing these voters as the “dark side” of populism.

President Obama | Photo Credit Wikimedia CommonsPresident Obama | Photo Credit Wikimedia Commons

Obama’s Advice for Trump

Obama said the following in regard to Trump:

“He ran an extraordinarily unconventional campaign and it resulted in the biggest political upset in perhaps modern political history[.]… What I said to him was that what may work in generating enthusiasm or passion during elections may be different than what will work in terms of unifying the country and gaining the trust even of those who didn’t support him.”

During this opinion piece, Obama chose to lecture Trump on how to act as President. Now that he has seen how Hilary banished Trump supporters, he is telling Trump to unify the country in order to gain the trust of the disheartened democrats after a fierce election.

Obama, as a President, ignored the separation of powers that bypass Congress and issued executive orders in addition to agency regulations. He even bragged about his pen and phone for issuing such orders.

He passed the DREAM Act that deferred the deportation of illegal aliens brought to America as children, passed Obamacare despite only having Democratic votes (thanks to Harry Reid’s parliamentary trick), and called the Iran deal an agreement rather than a treaty so he could avoid the vote in Senate.

President Obama | Photo Credit Wikimedia CommonsPresident Obama | Photo Credit Wikimedia Commons

The Great Obama Divide

Within these actions, Obama divided America by both race and income. He avoided Republicans rather than trying to earn their trust. Instead of taking his own advice, he mocked Republicans, told Senator McCain that Obamacare won in debate, and since the election was over, he could pretty much do whatever he wanted.

Obama then attacked Trump as a racist who was unfit for presidency, in the Hilary no-holds-barred campaign. Now, in the final hours, Obama is trying to hold onto his shattered legacy, so he’s wearing the facade of a wise statesman.

Trump is unconventional, necessary in order to fight back against the Hilary smear campaigns and network news cheerleaders. Now, in Trump Tower, he is meeting with his rivals while Obama is vacationing overseas. Obama is now irrelevant. Trump is the new President and for the sake of reunifying our nation, it’s time everyone supports him.

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