Recently, the White House made some pretty bold claims. They claimed that Obama needs to spend hundreds of millions of dollars a year on public relations specialists. The spend is absolutely necessary and the payments have been made directly to the payroll of government officials.

The White House press secretary, Josh Earnest, had made a point to say that it is a priority to interact with the public and the White House must be as transparent as possible. Does Obama really need to spend $500 million a year on public relations? Or is this a bit excessive? And could the money be put to better use?

Where Does the Administration Spend All Their Money?

According to specialists at the White House, the money goes to pay for much needed work. They claim the team is required to help the American people understand exactly what is happening within the Obama administration. They help people feel more comfortable about the agenda behind the actions the administration takes. Maybe they’re not giving the American people enough credit on their understanding of politics.

The Obama administration has a staff of several dozen employees that make up his press staff. Each of the various cabinet agencies also has their own press staff. Apparently, Obama has added hundreds of PR specialists to the administration during his term. The total costs of all the specialists has been about $500 million a year. That’s more than a hundred million dollars a year that is being spent on private-sector spinmeisters. And over $800 million annually on advertising.

Does the Obama Administration Spend Money Needlessly? 

jn2l1g7twcawzvrjhaajnjl72ejkfbmt4t8yenimkbvvk0ktmf0xjctabnaljim9They claim it is all completely necessary. And that it has created one of the strongest PR teams in the history of the American political system. They say having this team has helped them have the most effective communication with the public. Also, the American public is best served through the use of a large team like the one they have now. 

The need is based on criticism the White House receives and it costs a lot of money to address that criticism. They are continually having to deal with negative feedback from the public. Maybe the Obama administration should have focused more on doing things right. It would likely work better and cost less than having to hire more people to handle an upset public.

Why Are American’s Upset With Obama?

And why would the American people be upset? Maybe because we’ve lived for 8 years with a weak President. We’ve also dealt with a President who won’t stand up for his country. We’ve had to deal with a President who continually shows support for countries that would have us wiped off the face of the map.

And he still won’t even admit that Radical Islam exists. There isn’t anything more frustrating to many people than to know that we have a President in office who won’t back up his own country. The scary thing is, Hillary is no different. And people know it. If she gets into office, she’ll continue to support terrorist countries the way Obama has. If we can get Trump into office on the other hand, we can count on becoming a super power once again and we will no longer have to deal with the continual lies that Hillary is known for.

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