Watch Brand New Moving NRA Ad That Features The Hero Of Sutherland Springs Texas Shooting


Time and time again, we have heard that more gun control is the answer to keeping Americans safer. Despite all the facts proving that is a lie, progressives embrace that narrative like a warm blanket in winter. But the latest ad from the National Rifle Association is going to leave them with a chill.

Especially if their name happens to be David Hogg.

NRA President Wayne LaPierre
Photo Credit | Washington Times

Continuing their push to combat the false narratives about their organization, the NRA released a new ad featuring a real-life hero with a gun. That hero is Stephen Willeford, the man who took down the Sutherland Springs, Texas shooter with his AR-15.

Back in November, a 26-year old madman walked into the First Baptist Church and murdered 27 people. He no doubt believed that his intended victims would not be armed and able to defend themselves. The one thing he didn’t anticipate, was a good guy with a gun.

Ironically, news later revealed that procedures were not followed and that allowed the shooter to obtain a weapon. Willeford, on the other hand, is a legal gun owner. And on that fateful day, he saved lives. At the start of the ad, the NRA member and instructor recalls why he felt compelled to act.

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