North Korean Experts Describe Pre-Emptive Strike Scenario


Experts Gather To Discuss North Korea Scenarios

Kim Jong Un | Photo Credit Fox News

Last Tuesday, experts gathered to discuss what a pre-emptive military strike against North Korea could look like. This description occurred after pressure from China and addition isolation increases for North Korea.

Officially, the Trump administration has said that “all options” are on the table, but it’s clear that Washington is losing patience with the Pyongyang’s regime. A former CIA analyst said Kim Jong Un would likely hit back with an artillery barrage.

“The North could launch a devastating attack on Seoul,” said ex-CIA analyst, Bruce Klinger to Newsweek.

Korean War | Photo Credit CNN

Fox News reports:

“From there, a second Korean War could escalate. Victor Cha, a former National Security Council staffer, theorized in his 2012 book “The Impossible State,” that North Korea could start an invasion by debilitating South Koreans with chemical weapons and cutting off options to flee the country.”

“An arsenal of 600 chemically armed Scud missiles would be fired on all South Korean airports, train stations and marine ports, making it impossible for civilians to escape,” Cha wrote. North Korea may be able to equip medium-range missiles with chemical weapons and launch them at Japan and U.S. bases, stemming the immediate flow of reinforcements.”

“U.S. war experts believe Pyongyang would look to overrun Seoul before the allies could prop up South Korea’s armies. Cha said a possible war on the Korean Peninsula in 2017 “would be the most unforgiving battle conditions that can be imagined.”

Major Casualties And Damage Predictions

Kim Jong Un | Photo Credit Daily Express

Cha then theorized that U.S. forces would send an additional 20,000 troops from the combat division, followed by 10 Air Force wings, made up of approximately 20 fighters per unit.

U.S. and South Korean forces would need to fight against DPRK artillery within an urban warfare environment, along with aerial bombardments. Despite North Korea’s first round of attacks, analysts believe the U.S. and South Korea would win the war, but there would be many causalities and damage.

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