HUGE: Trump Is Unafraid — He’s Breaking HISTORIC White House Tradition…

Trump Nobel
2017 Nobel Prize winners | Photo credit Dexter Academy

It has become commonplace for liberal media to portray President Trump as negatively as possible. Take for example this headline reading, “Trump won’t meet with American Nobel Prize winners.” It is deliberately deceptive and misleading, given the fact some Nobel recipients don’t want to meet President Trump.  

Traditionally, the White House holds an annual event for Nobel prize recipients. Almost every year since 2001, the president has met with the honorees. But, breaking with that tradition, President Trump will not be attending.

Of course, that decision isn’t bothering at least two of the winners. Columbia biophysicist, Joachim Frank, said he was “relieved” he wouldn’t see the president. Trump supporters will undoubtedly find his reason, more than insulting.

“I will not put my foot into the White House as long as Trump, [Vice President] Pence, or [Speaker Paul] Ryan will occupy it,” said Frank. “I cannot speak for the others, but I strongly believe that as thinking intelligent people they will have a similar attitude as I.”

While it may be news to Frank, “thinking intelligent people” don’t usually shun the President of the United States. Then again, they don’t need participation trophies either. And, they don’t soak up fake headlines meant to deliberately smear a man’s reputation.

Nevertheless, President Trump has a good reason for not attending the event. Several of them. One, he is just coming off a 15-day diplomatic trip to Asia. Two, and this is probably the most important, he has better things to do.

Although, one must consider the possibility that the president is just beating them at their own game. We know we certainly wouldn’t want to be somewhere we aren’t wanted. So, it stands to reason that President Trump wouldn’t either, right?

Out With the Old

Trump Nobel
Barack Obama greets the 2016 American Nobel Prize winners in the Oval Office | Official White House Photo by Pete Souza)

To no surprise, this isn’t the first-time the president has been slammed for not attending awards ceremonies. Leftist had a meltdown after he announced he would not be attending this year’s Kennedy Center Honors. Trump and his staff, also skipped the White House Correspondents dinner.

In any case, the Nobel recipients will still get their moment in the spotlight. Michael Kratsios, Trump’s top political appointee in the Office of Science and Technology Policy, will attend a reception at the Swedish Embassy in D.C.