Things Just Got WAY WORSE For Liberal NFL… Look At This Video

Seattle Seahawks defensive lineman Malik McDowell
Mugshot of Seattle Seahawks defensive lineman Malik McDowell. | Photo credit Arrest Nation

The 2017 NFL season is winding down but the controversy plaguing the league is still very much in play. A new video has surfaced of Malik McDowell, a rookie defensive lineman for the Seattle Seahawks, being arrested. His encounter with a female officer isn’t going to do much to repair the NFL’s tattered image.

For the second year in a row, football fans endured the George Soros inspired national anthem protests. Former San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick started kneeling in 2016, to allegedly protest racial inequality and police brutality.

While it’s naïve to think that police officers can do no wrong, it is more ridiculous to suggest they’re all bad. For the most part, the men and women in blue do an outstanding job of protecting America’s communities. Especially considering the amount of crap they take from those who think they are above the law.

Take, for example, McDowell. The NFL rookie was arrested earlier this month in Atlanta for disorderly conduct. TMZ Sports released the video of McDowell’s encounter with the arresting officers. How he treats the female cop is particularly interesting.

What McDowell Said

NFL Colin Kaepernick pig socks
The NFL allowed Colin Kaepernick to wear sock depicting police as pigs. Photo credit | Twitter

Immediately after the two officers arrived on the scene, the lineman began screaming and cursing at them. “Are you scared of me?” McDowell asked. “Why is you a cop then?” He went back and forth with deputies for several minutes, before turning his attention to the female officer.

McDowell called her a b**tch, several times, before pointing out that his money gives him the right to say what he wants. “I got money. That’s why I can talk sh*t,” he told them. After the female officer tells him to stop talking, he berates her again and tells them both they’ll never make as much money as him.

To put this in perspective, McDowell signed a four-year contract this season worth $6.95 million. The average salary for a police officer is $60,000 a year, although that number is most likely found in bigger cities. One plays a game, the other risks their life every day and deals with people like McDowell.

That is what we call, “inequality.”