NFL Just Took $90 Million Away From The Military And Put It Here

Angry NFL fans
Angry NFL fans hold up a sign for Colin Kaepernick. | Photo credit USA Today

Football fans hoping to escape the harsh realities of life by enjoying their favorite sport suffered a big disappointment this year. From the time pre-season started, national anthem protests were in full-swing. But, as ticket sales and attendance began dropping, the NFL faced a critical decision- fans or protesters?

The league chose the latter.

In what can only be seen as bowing to the demands of rich, spoiled athletes, the league has pledged $90 million to social justice programs. To fulfill their pledge, the NFL is taking money away from programs that support the military and breast cancer.

Responding to the NFL deal, San Francisco 49er Eric Reid suggested it wouldn’t change anything. “It’s a charade,” Reid told Slate. “It’s basically an NFL Cares,” he added, referring to the league’s expensive marketing campaigns.

Making the cowardly agreement worse is the fact of where the league is diverting the money to. NFL owners, instead of funding Salute to Service, will hand-over millions to organizations tied to leftist agitator George Soros.

NFL Stands for Soros

The NFL is donating money to groups backed by George Soros. | Photo credit The American Mirror

The NFL players coalition has a long history of working with Soros-backed groups. Among those slated to receive funds from the new agreement are Dream Corps, Center for American Progress, and Campaign for Fair Sentencing.

Dream Corps is a left-leaning advocacy group led by former Obama adviser and CNN commentator Van Jones. Jones is well-known for his anti-Trump tirades and was behind the “faithless elector” movement to nullify Trump’s victory.

Similarly, the Center for American Progress is a leader in the Trump resistance formerly run by John Podesta. Other groups benefiting from the agreement are the ACLU, Fair Punishment Project, and various grassroots organizations.

Perhaps more notable is who isn’t reaping the rewards of this horrendous deal. The fans and sponsors of the sport. Visibly absent from the agreement is any requirement for NFL players to stand for the national anthem.

Although, there is some good news coming out of all this mess. The man who started these un-American protests, Colin Kaepernick, is still without a job. When news of this “Soros-friendly” deal starts getting around, you can be fairly certain it will stay that way.