New Text Messages From FBI Reveal Obama Was Knee Deep In Clinton Investigation

Strzok and Page
FBI agent Peter Strzok, pictured with Lisa Page, is under investigation for alleged bias in the Hillary Clinton investigation.

New text messages between lovebirds Peter Strzok and Lisa Page appear to confirm that Barack Obama was heavily entangled in the Hillary Clinton investigation. According to the messages, he wanted “to know everything.”

Last week, Fox News reviewed thousands of messages exchanged between Strzok and Page. The pair both worked for Special Counsel Robert Mueller as part of his Russia investigation team.

Mueller fired Strzok last June when he learned the FBI agent exchanged anti-Trump, pro-Hillary texts with Page. Talk of “insurance policies” and protecting Hillary have led to new investigations of the FBI and their handling of the probe. 

In the latest batch, the pair reference then-president Obama directly. On September 2, 2016, Page texted Strzok about preparing notes for James Comey because “potus [sic] wants to know everything we’re doing.”

According to Senator Ron Johnson, this text raises new questions about the level of Obama’s involvement in the Clinton investigation. Which is understandable since the former president lied about this subject from the beginning.

The Obama Guarantee

Texts between Strzok and Page reveal Obama wanted to know everything about the FBI Clinton investigation. | Photo credit Stan Honda/AFP/Getty Images

In March of 2015, Obama told the world that he learned about Clinton’s private email server “the same time everybody else learned it” via the media. An email from WikiLeaks later proved that he lied in that 60 Minutes interview.

A year later, in April of 2016, he (apparently) lied again. “I guarantee that there is no political influence in any investigation conducted by the Justice Department or the FBI, not just in this case but in any case,” Obama said.

Those lies necessitated a host of cover-ups that eventually allowed Clinton to escape punishment for her crimes. After all, if Clinton was guilty of mishandling classified documents, then so was Obama. So it only made sense for him to protect her, right?

Additional texts shared between the lovers showed their dislike for conservatives in general. Aside from calling Trump “loathsome” and a “f**king idiot,” Strzok referred to Virginia Republicans as “ignorant hillbillies.”

Interestingly, the final text between the pair came on June 23, 2017. Page then wrote “Please don’t ever text me again,” which seemed to indicate that some kind of trouble was brewing.

President Trump, facing another government shutdown over DACA, took time to address the scandal on social media. “NEW FBI TEXTS ARE BOMBSHELLS!” he tweeted.