Crooked Hillary

Hillary Clinton | Photo Credit Washington Times

From the time Donald Trump was named as the 45th President, conservatives have been subjected to endless amounts of whining, violence and, viral rhetoric from the left. Millions have endured beheading photos, mock assassinations, and protests. Some Trump supporters have been on the receiving end of brutal verbal and physical attacks.

Unfortunately, there seems to be no end in sight. However, after months of hateful and divisive dialogue from the left, conservatives have begun fighting back. While we don’t encourage or condone their actions, we feel obligated to at least have a good laugh at their antics. Afterall, unlike liberals, they didn’t attack another human being or smash windows at a local business.

What they did do, was rename a road sign. The sign in question marked the Crooked Hill exit on the Sagtikos Parkway. The letters A, R, and Y were placed at the end of the word Hill so that the sign would read “Crooked Hillary-Exit S 1 W.” What makes this even funnier, is that New York is Hillary’s surrogate home state. And of course, Trump’s nickname for Clinton.

Photo credit: Newsday

Needless to say, liberals and the New York Department of Transportation were not amused. “As soon as we were notified about the graffiti yesterday morning, it was removed,” a DOT spokesperson told Newsday. “Defacing public signs is illegal.” Yes, it is illegal, and those responsible should be held accountable.

We would suggest they be made to volunteer at the local Democratic campaign office, but they would likely only become bigger criminals. In all seriousness, it is astonishing to see such a stern reaction given the relatively harmless nature of the incident. It’s not like they shot at Democrats at baseball practice or they told people to #HuntDemocrats.

This was nothing more than a funny, but an ill-advised joke. It pales in comparison to the thousands of dollars in damage to local businesses as a result of leftist demonstrations such as those at Berkeley. It certainly, doesn’t come close to being attempted murder. Heck, it isn’t even as damaging as fake news. It was just a prank and at least is was factual, right?

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