New York Governor Andrew Cuomo Wants To Give Illegal ‘Dreamer’ Immigrants Free Tuition

CCuomo-Dreamers-New York
New York Governor Andrew Cuomo wants free college tuition for DREAMers. | Photo credit NY Daily News

The recent Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, signed into law by President Trump, is not what’s hurting New York residents. What are emptying their wallets, are the policies of the state’s liberal lawmakers like Andrew Cuomo. Policies that offer free college to Dreamers.

If there’s one fact that most hard-working taxpayers can agree on, its that nothing in this world is free. The whole idea of a “free lunch” is a myth perpetuated by Democrats since the days of Lyndon B. Johnson.

Take, for example, the latest outrageous proposal for free college tuition for Dreamers in New York. “Cuckoo” Cuomo folded a provision into his $168 billion budget that will amend state education laws

If approved, young illegal immigrants will be eligible to receive funds through the Excelsior Scholarship program. Even worse, the student’s families can have up to $125,000 a year in income and still qualify for free tuition.

First, the notion that this tuition is free is delusional. The cold, hard truth of the matter is that taxpayers foot the tab. Much like they do for all forms of government welfare. Second, Cuomo proposing this amendment while claiming Trump’s tax cuts are a burden is beyond hypocritical.

Nevertheless, it’s hard to pull out the sympathy card. The majority of New York voters keep this man in office and they surely know by now who they’re electing. And for those who don’t support the governor, a mass exodus might be the best choice.

Dreams and Nightmares

New York Dreamers
DREAMers protest outside of Trump Tower in New York City. | Photo credit Vox

Especially if illegal immigrants are making over 100K a year and the state is paying for college. In what universe is that acceptable? Everyone deserves an opportunity to seek a better life. And anyone who has that chance needs to work hard, follow the rules and earn their keep.

Government hand-outs don’t turn nightmares into dreams. They turn dreams into nightmares someone else must pay for.