New Study Reveals That 1 In 10 Couples Are Splitting Up Because Of This…


“Trump Effect”

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There hasn’t been a time in modern history as politically polarizing as it is today. Spiteful Democrats, divided Republicans, and an entire nation feuding over what is best for America’s future has left the spirit of the country broken. And, according to a new study by Wakefield Research, the political hostility is negatively affecting intimate relationships too.

Per the Washington Examiner, new data released by Wakefield revealed that 1 in 10 couples, married and not married, have ended their relationships over political differences. For younger millennials, that number is even higher, with 22% of couples breaking-up. Experts often refer to phenomena as the “Trump Effect.”

Nearly one-third of couples reported that clashes over President Trump specifically, had a negative impact on their relationship with their partner and friends. “Passionately opposing points of views are not only driving wedges between strangers and even friends, but we are now seeing evidence that this dissent is having a detrimental impact on Americans’ marriages and relationships,” the report said.

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In addition, the reports cited that 24% of married Americans and nearly 45% of millennials in a relationship have “disagreed” more with their partner over politics, since President Trump took office. The rise in political discourse is reportedly driving married couples to…

Divorce Court

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Times have certainly changed since the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s, when couples (and people in general) could simply agree to disagree. However, as modern liberals continue to wage war against self-identity and their need to force people to see things “their way,” it’s not hard to see why this may be happening.

In fact, two separate surveys from online dating sources, revealed a marked increase in political incompatibility. Results indicated that Democrats in particular, were highly unlikely to date someone that is a Trump supporter. In contrast, Republicans were far more willing to date an individual who had supported Clinton.

“Among Americans who did not vote for Trump and who are not in a relationship with a partner who voted for Trump, a third (33 percent) would consider divorce if they had a spouse who voted for Donald Trump,” said Wakefield. That number jumps to 43% for millennials. So much for being “tolerant” and “accepting,” right?

Looks like love doesn’t concquer everything.

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