South Korea Elects New President To Buckle Down On Kim

South Korean President | Photo Credit Daily Signal President Moon Jae-in, South Korea’s new liberal President, was just sworn in on Wednesday and he’s got some new ideas for the country. The President wants to begin by tackling the issues with North Korean’s nuclear ambitions.

During Moon’s first speech, he said he would begin to defuse security tensions within the Korean peninsula by speaking with Washington and Beijing so all parties can ease down off the recent heat.

Moon has also begun to appointing aids to help with this new approach.

Moon Chose Two Veterans As Aids

South Korean President | Photo Credit Yahoo

Yahoo News reports:

“Moon named two liberal veterans with ties to the “Sunshine Policy” of engagement with North Korea from the 2000s to the posts of prime minister and spy chief. Moon named Suh Hoon, a career spy agency official and a veteran of inter-Korea ties, as the head of the National Intelligence Service. Suh was instrumental in setting up two previous summits between the North and South.”

“Veteran liberal politician Lee Nak-yon was nominated to serve as prime minister. Now a regional governor, Lee was a political ally of the two former presidents who held the summits with the North in 2000 and 2007.”

“Lee’s appointment requires parliamentary approval.”

Moon Will Speak With Washington And Beijing

GOP Healthcare | Photo Credit NY Mag

Reuters reports:

“Moon was expected to fill the remaining cabinet and presidential staff appointments swiftly to bring an end to a power vacuum left by the removal of Park Geun-hye in March in a corruption scandal that rocked South Korea’s business and political elite. “I will urgently try to solve the security crisis,” Moon said in the domed rotunda hall of the parliament building.”

“If needed, I will fly straight to Washington. I will go to Beijing and Tokyo and, if the conditions are right, to Pyongyang also.” Spy chief nominee Suh said Moon could go to Pyongyang if it was clear the visit would help resolve the North Korean nuclear crisis and ease military tension on the Korean peninsula.”

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